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  1. Samantha Fritsch

    Roaming in the house

    Wow appreciate the cold hearted replies, I'm sure we all have different ways of keeping our babies; that doesn't mean any of us love them any less. Very rude however.
  2. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    Thank you so much. She's still missing, sadly. I feel an insane amount of guilt
  3. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    I have a reward on the signs/flyers
  4. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    She's still lost and I'm increasingly worried that she was run over or fell down one of the huge storm drains. I miss her.
  5. Samantha Fritsch

    Tortoise Town

    I wanted to inform everyone about my heartbreaking experience with TortoiseTown. I ordered my hatchling yellow foot two weeks ago and he arrived very ill - I have just spent 3 hours and $100 at the vet. My baby Kip's eyes are swollen shut and he has an upper respiratory infection. He's feeling...
  6. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    It's been 9 days and I just want to cry - I feel like I'll never find her .. my printer isn't working and I can't print more flyers
  7. Samantha Fritsch

    Roaming in the house

    My tort just LOVES being out of her enclosure - people might completely disagree with this but I don't care. She seems to enjoy being by people, when she's in her cage she digs at the sides trying to get out - once she's out she roams and just kind of chills out .. I don't watch her like a hawk...
  8. Samantha Fritsch

    I slept with my tortoise...

    I relate to this too much!
  9. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    Means more than you'll ever know to me Kassidy..!
  10. Samantha Fritsch

    New indoor enclosure

    It's beautiful!
  11. Samantha Fritsch

    How often should my family and I take our tortoises to the vet?

    Unfortunately my tort is a rescue and was severely malnourished before I got her, so we take her quite often to make sure she's still strong towards a full recovery
  12. Samantha Fritsch


    He can't walk? - he needs to get to another vet!!
  13. Samantha Fritsch

    Help! Family won't understand.

    My tort was previously malnourished and her beak is forever damaged from this - I have to take her to the vet and have them shave it down Your torts will continue fighting - I totally understand where you're coming from, I too am under 18 and live at home, I'm planning on building a double...
  14. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    - the new flyer, old ones were ruined during storms all week
  15. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    Very helpful, thank you! It's encouraging to know that someone else's was gone for quite a while): We can't give up!(:
  16. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    How long before you found her? How much was the reward you set out? How far was she from where she got out? Where'd they find her? - we just moved here, so social media wouldn't help - we don't know anyone here..
  17. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    Still missing ):
  18. Samantha Fritsch

    Afternoon Soak and is This Shell Rot?

    I'm the same way! My Russian hisses at me and I find it adorable - she has such sass!
  19. Samantha Fritsch

    Metal enclosure?

    This is what I was concerned about as well, I've decided not to take the risk at all.
  20. Samantha Fritsch

    My Russian Escaped

    I just wondered how hot it was. Oh, between 83-95 degrees during the day