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  1. Torty Mom

    Where the hell is Mary Anne? Piddles where are you?

    **head hanging low in shame*** [hr] I swear someone has shortened the day. It used to be 24 hours long and now it's only 5 hours long!!! Sheesh!!! [hr] I'll be back later today. We are heading out to the CDT habitat to check on a few of the inhabitants, one tort is still not...
  2. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    I hear ya Maggie!!! :)
  3. Torty Mom

    Where the hell is Mary Anne? Piddles where are you?

    Awwwwwww, you guys are so sweet!!! I'm here!! I'm here!! I have missed you guys soooo much!! Sorry I worried you, I should have checked in!! Crazy busy!! Here is a quick update: Lisa doing much better, has had 2 more surgeries. I got to see her 2 weekends ago. Dr's said she will be home...
  4. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    Hellllooooooo peeps!!! I have missed you guys!!!! How is everyone doing?????
  5. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    Glad to see chat is still going strong!
  6. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    My son just checked in and they have finally reached Texas! Rockwall is the destination! Anyone close to there?
  7. Torty Mom

    spots on Willow belly?

    So glad it going away! Good job on catching it early!
  8. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    Good morning Erin!!
  9. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    Good morning Tyler. The enclosure looks good!
  10. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    My son and his buddy and his 14 year old sister are just leaving Amarillo this morning. He has been really good about checking in every 200 miles. It's weird to go outside and see his car still here! [hr] Good morning Lynne!!
  11. Torty Mom

    Livingstone's 4th update

    Wow, he has gotten big!!! He is amazing, you have done a fab job!!!
  12. Torty Mom

    New additions to Tico's home...

    Awesome, it looks great!
  13. Torty Mom

    Delurkifying (and a couple of questions!)

    :D Welcome to TFO! :D
  14. Torty Mom

    November 26th birthdays

    :D Happy Birthday! :D
  15. Torty Mom


    Maybe he is feeling the effects of winter, and that is why he doesn't want to eat. He is very handsome!!!
  16. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    Came home to fill up on more leftovers and back shopping! I am off to Michael's for candles and a few photo albums! I am also Grandma babysitting for my friend who went camping. Grandma is almost 97, so I stopped by and hung out with her, she is an awesome little old lady! I always leave...
  17. Torty Mom

    Still a work in progress

    Hey... when did you get that guy? I must have totally missed it! Looks great!!!
  18. Torty Mom

    New member with 2 CDTs

    :D Welcome to TFO! :D I have a few CDT's also! I am totally enamoured with them! We are here to help ya, so don't worry ask away, we are troll free for the time being! :D Please post a picture so we can see your awesome set up! Sounds great!
  19. Torty Mom

    pretend chat

    Torties all fed, pumpkin pie and left over green bean casserole, and coffee for breakfast and now I am off to do some shopping for School. I run the "Santa Shop" at our school. Now to go find some deals, shopping with someone else's money is the way to go!!! :D