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    HARRY the sulcata PetsPlus Fairless Hills, Pa

    Excellent ?? so happy for him.
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    Looks like a Leopard Tortoise to me.
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    Cabbage contains goitrogens that interfere with thyroid activity and and could damage liver and kidney's. The same is true for kale. Goitrogenic plants should not be fed in conjunction with each other. Only one should be fed from the cabbage family in moderation. If we know the species someone...
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    Do you know the rough temps for day and night? Species of tortoise would help also. Any photos?... Sounds like RI (Respiratory Infection). Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will know.
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    Red Sack Under Tail - New Hatchling

    Personally I would get an expert to do it as they also put in a suture to prevent further prolapse.
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    Red Sack Under Tail - New Hatchling

    Am no expert but definitely a prolapse. Can't remember where I read but they said the chances for a recovery are reduced if the prolapse has been present for more than 24 hours. I would suggest getting the little guy to a vet asap. Hope all goes well. Edit: just found this on Tortoise Trust...
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    Blink camera to record my torts farming... no, really.

    Very interesting stuff. Wonder if anything like Pavlov's Dog (classical conditioning) could be done. Could possibly train/condition your tortoise to respond to the sound of a bell?
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    Tortoise & Turtle CPR Guide

    After browsing the net I stumbled upon a site talking about CPR. I had a look and couldn't find a thread on how to perform it. However found several posts talking about when someone's had to use it to save their Torts life. Although I read mostly of mouth to mouth/nose and gently blowing...
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    Castor oil for constipation?

    Hopefully not perlite, am no expert but kinda looks like a bladder stone. Here's a link to bladder stones. Looks similar.
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    My Golden Thread named Pooh

    Hi Dave, I use Tamodine on my Sulcata. Clean the area with mild soap then dry. Apply some Tamodine to area with cotton bud, wait for it to dry (or 15 mins) then wash off. Have seen other posts where people use athletes foot cream. Repeat daily till has cleaned up. I'm no expert, actually...
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    Outdoor Accommodation in a Colder (UK) Climate

    Thanks for the advice :D Am a new Sulcata owner and live in East Sussex, UK. Looking to build a outdoor enclosure for her. Am glad I clicked your post. Not too far away from me so all above (except hybernating) applies. I have a Dog kennel on order and will also be making a cold frame. I...
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    Shell Flattening in the Centre, what do I do?

    Forgot to post the link ?
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    Shell Flattening in the Centre, what do I do?

    I'm no expert but looks like MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). I found this website had some quite interesting information on MBD and may be useful to you. All the best
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    Reputable vet uk ?

    Sorry just seen where your from ?
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    Reputable vet uk ?

    I'm a new Sulcata owner, a friend of mine who's owned torts for years recommended Trinity Vet Center in Maidstone and they were also recommend to me by another friend that works in a vet, but they do not deal with reptiles. I was told when I got my Sulcata that she was a Greek Spur (Testudo...
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    Petition to Free Harry The Sulcata

    Have signed the petition. Hope something can be done, poor guy :(
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    Smoking Marijuana in the same room

    On humans, normally ingesting THC will have a higher effect, however it would have to be decarboxylated first to activate the THC otherwise it has little to no effect. Smoking however does this in the process, so the fumes contain active THC thus having a effect. I would imagine the same can be...
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    Smoking Marijuana in the same room

    Hey all, seen quite some debate about this topic. Found this earlier and may be useful. Some testing has been done and marijuana had no I'll effects on a tortoise, nor other reptiles. However the smoke will cause issues.... The tortoise was a 10 pound Sulcata. Here is the link...