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  1. King Jack4th

    Cage Setup

    Hello guys I thought I would post a picture of my current leopard tortoise setup. Improvements I could make on setup? I am going to expand the cage another 3' in the upcoming week. The humid area is always kept damp by an automatic mister. Hot spot around 95-100 F. Thanks! Any...
  2. King Jack4th

    My Leopard Tort

    He stays inside most of the time. I am using a tube UVB/UVA and a CHE for heating. The room he is in is VERY insulated so temp his hot spot rarely drops below 100 I am more worried about over heating. What kind of plants do you recommend for decoration? I am worried he will climb out of him...
  3. King Jack4th

    A year of doubt then a year of hope

    WOW beautiful Leo!!!!! Looks really nice! Keep up the good work.
  4. King Jack4th

    Beans isn't so dark anymore!

    Wow awesome looking tort!! Keep up the great work! :)
  5. King Jack4th

    My Leopard Tort

    Not sure what his exact age is but I have had him for about a year now.
  6. King Jack4th

    My Leopard Tort

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my Leopard Tortoise named Bean. Questions: 1. Does his setup look okay? 2. Does he look healthy? (hot spot stays 100 degree, cool spot around ~80, substrate peat moss mixed with orchid bark) (tank is sprayed down in the morning)
  7. King Jack4th


    Congratz!! Post a pic of him and his enclosure!
  8. King Jack4th

    unusual hatchling patterns.

    Wow super nice Leo's you got there! They look so clean!
  9. King Jack4th

    Growing Tortoise Food

  10. King Jack4th

    Growing Tortoise Food

    Hello everyone! I want to start growing food for my leopard tortoise, but instead of growing normal greens I want to grow plants found in the Leopard tortoises home environment. Are there any plants from Africa that are not to hard to grow? Thank you!
  11. King Jack4th

    Leopard Tortoise Questions

    Thanks for the advice! Adding moist sphagnum moss to his hide right now. Do you soak your tortoises? Is this something I should do?
  12. King Jack4th

    Leopard Tortoise Questions

    Is the soaking a must? Even with a huge water dish and a moist hide? I am fine if it is. I am just wondering if its a preference kind of thing or a must.
  13. King Jack4th

    Leopard Tortoise Questions

    Hey guys, I have had my leopard tortoise for about 6 months and I had a few questions/concerns. 1. Does it look like his shell is Pyramiding? (I recently bought him a HUGE water dish to soak in) 2. Do i have to place him in his water dish every night or will he soak when he needs...
  14. King Jack4th

    Best lighting for a baby red foot

    I just use a CHE and UVB/UVA tube lighting across the tank.
  15. King Jack4th


    Hey guys i am going to be picking up a baby leopard tortoise and i was wondering what the best substrate would be? I was thinking 50% coconut husk and 50% play sand? I heard that works well on alot of websites but i wanted to hear your opinions! Thanks!!