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  1. nkettles73

    HELP! Sully with swollen eye

    Hi there, I am a VERY worries Sully Mommy!! Yardi our 21yr old Sully has been happly enjoying the warm sun and all was good yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon I noticed him rubbing his right eye on his front leg. I went out to further investigate and his eye was swollen and his inner...
  2. nkettles73

    New turtle in with baby sulcata

    okie dokie.... this is why this such a awesome forum! All this info and thoughts in one spot. Thank you wellington!!
  3. nkettles73


    Judybird, I live in SEGA and have been looking to adopt if I hear from anyone I will extend the info onto you. I am willing to pick up or have one shipped.
  4. nkettles73


    Hi, I am looking to fined a rescue to adopt a male sulcata near south/north east GA and north FL? I have emailed a couple and have received no replies. Thank you :tort:
  5. nkettles73

    New turtle in with baby sulcata

    RE: New turtle right now the sulcata is about a inch bigger... I think the new turtle has had a pretty rough life... I work for a chemical plant (making bleach). I think he is for the most part exhausted today. I have a different enclosure I can put him in. I brought him today during lunch...
  6. nkettles73

    New turtle in with baby sulcata

    Hi guys, Today at work a employee brought me a little box turtle that was stuck in the chain-link fence. After closer inspection and the little guy coming out of his shell I realized he was missing his back feet. He has just two thin little stumps. I proceeded to bring him home and put him in...
  7. nkettles73

    Another Dog Story...

    RE: Another Dog Story (Why tortoises and dogs DO NOT MIX. No exceptions!) Tom, I am so sorry for your loss and know first hand how horrific this experience is. This same thing happened to me this past week with my Juvenile male Sulcata (the gardner left the gate open and neighbors dog getting...
  8. nkettles73

    North Fl or SE GA looking to adopt

    I all, I am looking to adopt a Sulcata tort...... I know males are usually the guys looking for good homes so males are good. We have remodeled the backyard and have a large area for a new member of the family.
  9. nkettles73

    male Juvenile Sulcata

    Hi All, I am looking to adopt a male juvenile Sulcata for my female. She is roughly 18 mo old and has always had her male friend with her however we had a horrific tragedy this week and the gardner let the next-door neighbors lab in the back yard and he got our male. After a week of heart...