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  1. SulcataSquirt

    shell rot, scutes falling off, skin on back of neck detaching.

    What is kinda dirt are you using for this guy? and what is his diet like? Also how long have his eyes been like that? looks like he cant really see out of them. need some chlorhexidine for animals to clean him up. also some terramycin ointment for his eyes.
  2. SulcataSquirt

    Liquid rubber water dish?

    hmm rubber and tort claws might be iffy. what about a good pool paint?
  3. SulcataSquirt

    A sulcata that won't grow, a blessing or a nightmare?

    HAHAHAHAHA. don't count your blessings yet, I also had a small sulcata for a good while. Then one day 100 grams was 400 grams then 1 pounds. now 15 pounds and 3 years old. Humidity, lots of water, mazuri, hay and all the greens it will eat and don't worry your tort will get huge. my tort started...
  4. SulcataSquirt

    Runny Russian

    It does sound like a good plan, if You have mazuri mix it we and cut up a bunch of hay in tiny half inch pieces. mix the mazuri and hay together and feed that to your tort it will firm him up in no time. feeding just spring mix will usually give your tort a runny bowel the older he gets.
  5. SulcataSquirt

    Calcium Powder

    I mix my vitamins and calcium in with wet mazuri to make sure my torts get all the supplement and no mess is made by the powders. I think mixing and spraying it would cause just as much of a mess as the powder alone. once it dries it will still be a powdered mess on your tort. Do you feed your...
  6. SulcataSquirt

    Tortoises and Colours!?

    it is very possible. I have a green rake that I use to stir up coco coir in my torts enclosure and he will come running at it and smell all over it then try to take a bite like its a cactus or a plant, it happends every single time! so I would say yes they can get confused and possibly startled...
  7. SulcataSquirt


    haha no worries just don't expect any of their favorite plants to survive being plated in with them unless you have more than they can handle! my tort would have that cactus gone in 2 minutes but hes also 15 pounds.
  8. SulcataSquirt

    First attempt at a tortoise table

    Willtort2 hit it on the head!! cap those corners off so if he tries to climb up them he will be blocked by the cap.! if you don't want to make permanent ones bc of the second story put duck tape on them! just don't want him getting over the top and falling to the floor! other than that looks good.
  9. SulcataSquirt

    Epoxy smell??Help!

    any luck?
  10. SulcataSquirt

    Epoxy smell??Help!

    clean it real well, with some vinegar and water mix, then let it sit outside in the sun for the day to bake and air out, should help a lot.
  11. SulcataSquirt

    Plywood only as substrate - (and how to clean?)

    all this talk, lets see some pictures of this setup! it sounds kinda interesting with the sunk in tub and all.
  12. SulcataSquirt

    Plywood only as substrate - (and how to clean?)

    I would use a Clorhexidine water mix if you must clean it, then use a heater and fan in the room to dry it quickly.
  13. SulcataSquirt

    Cooper update.

    Rjhoop, your diet and lighting must not have been perfect if your iguana could not absorb the amount of calcium he needed. Its easy to say everything was perfect on your end when he passed, of course you do not want to put the blame on your self. Sorry to say.
  14. SulcataSquirt

    two user names???

    contact Josh, prolly just a little bug that needs worked out.
  15. SulcataSquirt

    my new sulcata hatchling =) ( shell pyramiding help pls?)

    Their is no pyramiding present, I would not worry, keep your temps right, daily soaks and keep the humidity up and you will have your self a smooth growing tort.
  16. SulcataSquirt

    When is it time to worry? (sleeping)

    RE: When is it time to worry? If your worried about wasting electricity, your in the wrong hobby! you have to have a set summer/winter lighting schedule for your tort other wise he will not be active like he should be. also, make sure your temps are correct.
  17. SulcataSquirt

    my dogs got pepper sprayed today!!

    I would feel like I failed my dog if i didnt find out who it was, poor dogs cant even be safe in their own yard.
  18. SulcataSquirt

    Getting discouraged about Tortoise enclosure

    If your tort is still under 4 inches, keep him in the 40 gallon breeder tank, TRUST ME. I raised my little sully in a 40 gallon breeder tank, and followed Toms care pretty much to a tee. Humidity, soaks, perfect basking spot, a warm humid hide for sleeping, and good variety of greens. vitimins--...
  19. SulcataSquirt

    Keep your tortoise from flipping over.

    Angela, by adhere, what do you mean? use a glue or a type of tape? I dont have this problem but for newbies id hate to see them slap some superglue and and eraser on their torts shell. when they should really be using a softer type of adhesive like food safe silicone or that good outdoor doule...
  20. SulcataSquirt

    Did I just get ripped off by the vet?

    John- You know... "Know your role, and shut your mouth." -The Rock. hahaha