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  1. Josh

    Feeding the lizard on my deck-(link)

    Nice video. Have you tried uploading directly to our media gallery?
  2. Josh

    Email alerts still pouring in!

    Can you post a screenshot in the meantime?
  3. Josh

    Email alerts still pouring in!

    Please forward one offending email to [email protected]
  4. Josh

    Stop Email alerts please

    You can turn them off here: I've already done this for you :D
  5. Josh

    Missing Banner

    Sorry for the delay! Been trying to get over a non-covid sickness!
  6. Josh

    WE WERE just APPROVED! We are SO HAPPY!!

    This thread has been edited by myself and the mod team to keep it within the community guidelines. We are strongly considering an outright ban on any political discussion. We're here for the tortoises, after all.
  7. Josh

    The Tortoise Forum App is back!

    Not at this time but I am looking at a couple options we have for a new app
  8. Josh

    Server and Site Maintenance!

    Hey all, Just wanted to give you a heads up that the server will be going down for maintenance intermittently from now until Monday. We will be moving to a new server where we will be able to restore email newsletters, have improved performance, and hopefully be able to add some new features...
  9. Josh

    Coiled UVB bulb discussion on another thread

    Closing the thread for now.
  10. Josh

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Josh

    Phil The Lap Tortoise

    That's a cute baby tort
  12. Josh

    Open call for moderator nominations!

    Hey everyone, I wanted to get the community's feedback on who might make a good addition to our great moderator team. I know these things can turn into popularity contests - which I'd like to avoid - so here's what we're looking for: - someone kind and welcoming to new members - someone with...
  13. Josh

    Shrimp dinner

    Love the way the hyacinth is growing in there!
  14. Josh

    My heart and soul

    He's a cutie
  15. Josh

    New baby Indian star, Hollywood!

    Oh man. So jelly right now. Congrats!
  16. Josh

    What type of tortoise is this?

    Def a Russian!
  17. Josh

    Newbie here

    Welcome to the forum!
  18. Josh

    Did this get posted yet?

    Right?? I was so bewildered the first TEN TIMES not gonna lie :-P
  19. Josh

    Did this get posted yet?

    This is a wild hoax of some kind. I had to watch it 10+ times because I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
  20. Josh

    Forum Frozen

    All upgraded. How're things running now?