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  1. tortadise

    Hingeback ID

    Some nice looking spekii.
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    Maggie, is it your birthday?

    Happy birthday magginator
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    Fruitless Mulberry Tree

    Makes sense in that regard. Similar thing happen in bois D’ arc trees. Females apple(fruit) and males do not. BUT if no species alike are found within pollination area or close prolixity they males can change to female to “survive” that species within its distance. Nature is awesome basically.
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    Fruitless Mulberry Tree

    Fruitless would be a male. Males only flower, females Fruit. Not sure if they can graft males or females when starting them out. That’s out of my wheelhouse of plant knowledge. Females Will grow better with males though. I have 1 small male and 2 large females. The fruit can be annoying in...
  5. tortadise

    Mulberry Tree Cultivation Attempt #2

    Most excellent. That’s how it’s done here. It also helps VASTLY to trim all the leaves off. The nutrients in the clipping will try to force everything to the leaves and expire itself. If you clip all the leaves off it holds and then develops roots. We do same with hibiscus plants and ficus here...
  6. tortadise

    Chico Chaco

    Yea those all perished. Last one sent to me In hopes of surviving. It was too late. The problem is they’re Southern Hemisphere. So when they come here during our summer is their winter. Which is completely different than North American winters. They are hard to adapt.
  7. tortadise

    Chico Chaco

    Yep. They were both in renal failure. Salvaged the shells. Carapace on both specimens are paper thin. Very very sad. For such a difficult species to obtain they seem to be goners when I finally acquire them. All the captive ones I’ve found as young end up males too, go figure. Haha. However I...
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    Chico Chaco

    Use to. Still have only males. All the females perished from poor previous care. Very unfortunate
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    How Long to Digest?

    As Tom stated above. It’s quite the variable and most definitely species dependent. Medically systemic temperatures for certain antibiotics or injectable have an efficacy rate of best production and chance of success with internal temperatures of reptiles 75 or above. But this is vastly...
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    Chunkers! the freeze this past February in Texas slowed the growth of our cactus grove. But none the less they still consume hundreds of pounds of it a week.
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    Yellow foot ID/variation

    None that have been documented or suitable for a consistent finding scientific that allowed them physiological attributes, no. However. I’ve seen and obtained so many from different regions over the past 20 years to definitely give an opinion on it. But the differences aren’t anything to sustain...
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    Chico Chaco

    Most definitely one of the greatest species to work with. So gregarious and friendly.
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    Mexican Red Wood Turtles

    Fantastic! As stated above keep these very moist and humid. We raise these and it’s family species 100% aquatic when young and as adults. Looks like a great start for them though.
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    Cactus Flower

    Awesome! Have some species like these as well. Bats pollinate many of these cylindrical species of cacti.
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    Is this cypress mulch blend ok for leopard tortoise substrate?

    So for the most part. Blend in tree clearing or construction mainly means a majority. That majority can include a magnitude of different species of trees in said “harvested” or “mulched” site. May have some hackberry, ash, oak, or anything else. BUT mainly it is cypress. Most trees aren’t an...
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    S. Padre Island, yet again saving Sea Turtles

    The birds did fantastic. We only took in 2 inside. One 80 year old yellow nape Amazon and the conure. Almost took in the kings parrot. The kings is high elevation Papuan species that species we have is 60-70 years old as well. Blind and very sensitive. But it’s mate perished from stress and...
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    S. Padre Island, yet again saving Sea Turtles

    It was brutal. Never had cold Like that down there since the freeze of 1983. Lost a lot of plants but all the birds, turtles and tortoises are all just fine. Saturday we hit 81 as usual.
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    Most excellent!
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    The Blossom Thread.

    Been a while since Ive been here. I gave up Facebook. It’s a great feeling. Blossom is huge now. Still not certain on sex. But weighing in that she’s a “she” 8 years old and growing like a weed. Don’t have accurate weight. But 50-60 pounds or so. 25” SCL good posture. Decent growth.
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    Painted River Terrapin - Batagur Borneonsis

    Absolutely. I just got a new phone so don’t have any in this one. I’ll get some. Of the affinis as well. Same diet for that species too. Cactus is also a favorite.