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  1. KarenSoCal

    RIP Daisy

    🥺 💐❤️‍🩹
  2. KarenSoCal

    RIP Daisy

    Yes, that part never goes away, I think especially with tortoises. Probably most keepers believe that their tortoise is going to outlive him/her. When it doesn't go that way, there's a feeling of just wasn't supposed to be like that! And all that does is add more stress over...
  3. KarenSoCal

    RIP Daisy

    Yes, there is. Go to forums/general tortoise discussion/in memorium. Here's a link to the thread.
  4. KarenSoCal

    Oops, wrong forum.

    Uh oh...I think I saw it, but maybe it was a dream...or I didn't see it?
  5. KarenSoCal

    Anybody know about the Bolson tortoise?

    How cool! I hope the project in New Mexico succeeds. I asked at the CTTC meeting tonight about the Bolson torts that used to be at the Living Desert. Unfortunately the man who had worked there the longest started at the zoo after the Bolsons were known to be there. He had never heard of them.
  6. KarenSoCal

    Anybody know about the Bolson tortoise?

    One of the old threads said that the Living Desert here in Palm Desert had 2 breeding pairs of them. I'll be at the Living Zoo this evening for a CTTC meeting. I'll ask the employees that attend if they are still here.
  7. KarenSoCal

    Anybody know about the Bolson tortoise?

    Interesting! I see that there were threads about them years ago here on TFO. I'm going to have to read more about them...this is exciting! :)
  8. KarenSoCal

    Anybody know about the Bolson tortoise?

    I just found this and have never heard of these before? Do we know them by a different name?
  9. KarenSoCal

    New sponsor for Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    @tortgiant You might not get a response on your question. If you look at the date you'll see that this thread was active in January 2022.
  10. KarenSoCal

    Are Aldabra tortoise legal in ny?

    Actually, the question is not "are they legal?" The question is "will an aldabra be in a healthy environment in upstate NY? Does the climate even come close to what an aldabra can thrive in?" The answer to both those questions is no. Aldabras thrive in FL, hot and humid. They are really...
  11. KarenSoCal

    VERY O/T-----amazon reviews

    :eek: 👀
  12. KarenSoCal

    VERY O/T-----amazon reviews

    Does everybody remember the Sears guy? :eek:
  13. KarenSoCal

    Happy Birthday to me....!

    Happy Birthday, Tammy! You never fail to put a smile on my face, and sometimes I even chortle!
  14. KarenSoCal

    Sad cloudy days

    We've got you beat at 400! And 200°F! But not today..
  15. KarenSoCal

    Petco Tortoises

    You could try talking to the manager of the store. You didn't say if the 2 torts were in the same enclosure together. If they were, the one scratching could easily be being bullied by the other. If bullying like that continues, that tort will die. The manager doesn't want that, so you could...
  16. KarenSoCal

    How long can you store tortoise poo water outside for?

    I would think that it will grow enormous numbers of bacteria. And if you don't seal it up, the stench is going to knock you over. However, if you have a strong enough stomach, the bacteria might be good for your plants. I'm just guessin'.
  17. KarenSoCal

    Why Don't The Planets Appear to be Spinning?

    There are 2 reasons why you can't see them spinning. The 1st is because many of them are like our moon. The moon revolves around Earth, but it always keeps the sunny side toward us. We never see the back, dark side of the moon. The 2nd reason is that the Enterprise, or any starship, matches...
  18. KarenSoCal


    She's gorgeous, Josh! I wish I could put my feet on my chest like that! I'd break in half!
  19. KarenSoCal

    Walking Stick

    I really enjoy these and praying mantises. How do all their innards fit into such a narrow space? Saving a praying mantis from an evil boy got me into a fistfight in 2nd grade. Some things are just worth fighting for! :)
  20. KarenSoCal

    Please Help Russian Tortoise Baby

    You may find this to be helpful as well, even though you are not a new keeper.