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  1. NewtThePinkbelly

    Substrate Help!

    Hey there! My boyfriend and I recently got some awesome news! Someone in the neighborhood is selling a 125 gallon tank and stand for 300 dollars! What a steal! Now we just have to worry about substrates. We have been using riverbed sand for our 40 gallon tank, but now that we are getting a new...
  2. NewtThePinkbelly

    Where to buy large tanks?

    Newt is still a little baby, but depending on wether he's male or female (too small for us to tell) we might need a pretty big tank in the long run. From the information we have found online, pink belly sidenecks can grow up to 11inches, which means a 110 gallon tank or more. Where could we find...
  3. NewtThePinkbelly

    Unhealthy Shell or Just Shedding?

    Hey there! Me again. Just wanted your guys opinions as a worried turtle dad. I am a newer turtle owner, so let me know- does my turtle look unhealthy or is he just shedding? He is less than a year old if that influences any thoughts. Thanks!
  4. NewtThePinkbelly

    Is This Mystery Snail Dead?

    Hey guys. I know this isn't a turtle question, but I figure a lot of you have experience with other aquatic animals. Yesterday we noticed our black mystery snail was sitting among the black rocks upside down. I put him upright but he still didn't seem to move much. When we picked him up he...
  5. NewtThePinkbelly

    Hi there! Following because I saw you also have a pink belly and there are very few of us :)

    Hi there! Following because I saw you also have a pink belly and there are very few of us :)
  6. NewtThePinkbelly

    Shrimp Addiction and Pink Bellies??

    My boyfriend and I were very excited to add new ghost shrimp to the tank, but we can't buy them for about another 17 days... we have a pink belly sideneck. I was reading up online about them (as there isn't a whole lot of info on them so I check sites periodically for updates) and I read that...
  7. NewtThePinkbelly

    Today's the day!!!! :-)

    Omg!! He's so cute!! Congrats!!
  8. NewtThePinkbelly

    Fish Friends Cont.

    So we ended up buying two Mystery snails and 6 neon tetras for Newt's tank. He is curious about the snails but does not bother them. He tried to chase one of the fish for half a second and then stopped, because he is a big lazy baby. One of them that wasn't very interested in schooling with the...
  9. NewtThePinkbelly

    Fish Friends?

    Hey there! My turtle is still a little hatching, but I read on a lot of forums and websites that they might have fun chasing fish around. My question is, what kind of fish are appropriate for him? I know he is a baby and I don't want him to choke if he attempts to eat the fish, so I'm not sure...
  10. NewtThePinkbelly

    Little White Bump Next to Turt's eye?

    Good news! It looks like it's all gone! My guess is that it was some sort of inflammation or minor infection from his old tank that's cleared up since we put him in the cleaner, less crowded, larger one. Could have also been an injury from another turtle, since he was in a 5 gallon with about 4...
  11. NewtThePinkbelly

    Little White Bump Next to Turt's eye?

    I can sure try! Give me a minute
  12. NewtThePinkbelly

    Duncan The Tortoise!

    He's so cute!!!!!! welcome to the site!
  13. NewtThePinkbelly

    Little White Bump Next to Turt's eye?

    Hey! I have asked about this absolutely everywhere and haven't been able to get a response... We got our turtle about a week ago from a reptile shop that did not take great care of him. He was the turtle with the least amount of shell rot and seemingly the healthiest as well. While we were...
  14. NewtThePinkbelly

    Welcome to my page!

    Welcome to my page!
  15. NewtThePinkbelly

    Newt the Pinkbelly Sideneck Turtle!

    Hi! I'm Phoenix, and I recently got a cute little pink belly sideneck! He is a curious little turtle and I am glad there is a community for turtles and tortoises alike :) Anyway, nice to meet you all!
  16. NewtThePinkbelly

    Comment by 'NewtThePinkbelly' in media 'Rainbow - 1 y/o 145grams'

    He's so cute!!!!!!!!! what species is he!?!?