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  1. Katherine

    Biggest Sulcatas I've Ever Seen.

    Phenomenal share, thank you.
  2. Katherine

    Divot on back shell?

    Just genetic variation, I have several that look similar.
  3. Katherine

    Biology is so cool

    Check out the scutes on this little guy perfect symmetry in such an imperfect scute layout. Just thought I would share.
  4. Katherine

    Feeding daily?

    I share your sentiment and feeding philosophy, like you we leave our tortoises outside year round with heated dog houses for thermoregulation in cooler months, so they have access to food and water every day and it's a RARE day they don't come out to eat (save estivation periods for the box...
  5. Katherine

    Dex update

    Aww thanks. Having a human baby sucked the life out of me for a while but I'm in a groove now and have time to blog about my shell kids again
  6. Katherine

    Leopard tortoise long nails

    Substrate to burrow in so she can put them to use :) no need to nail trim a young tortoise
  7. Katherine

    New outdoor heated hide box

    Very nice! What are you using as head source?
  8. Katherine

    African Spur Sulcata----(bladder stone)

    A grave situation but very possible to break it up and clear the blockage without surgery in most cases. Get him to an experienced reptile vet ASAP! We have had success breaking them up with hemastats and repeatedly flushing the cloaca. Once you get past this you will want to revisit your diet...
  9. Katherine

    How are others handling FIRE Ants around outdoor enclosures?

    I too use diatomaceous earth; but also always remove the torts from the enclosure until the ants are gone. Not worth the risk; I hate fire ants.
  10. Katherine

    Future for the Shell?

    Heartbreaking. They are resilient creatures, I'm glad you have her and am confident she will be able to thrive despite these setbacks.
  11. Katherine

    Does your significant other think you're nuts?

    before you know it your five inch baby will be 15 inches and you'll be happy you started with big housing! And short answer yes, my husband thinks I'm nuts.
  12. Katherine

    Dex update

    Beautiful tortoise! You've done well by her.
  13. Katherine

    Anyone feed there torts egg shells?

    I often feed my tortoises back the eggs they have laid, and if I hatch any out I always let them eat the shell when they're through hatching.
  14. Katherine

    'Tis the Season

    Great photos! Love this time of year :)
  15. Katherine

    40lb male sulcata

    The dog wants you to keep him
  16. Katherine

    Imperfect leopard babies.

    GPP/GPB mix; from accidental yard clutch I must have missed the nest. Imperfect scutes as shown $70 +shipping if interested. Feel free to pm questions they are humid raised, bright eyed and eating a well balanced diet of weeds, hay grass and Mazuri.
  17. Katherine

    Mushrooms....good or bad?

    Mine eat mushrooms all the time... Never been an issue
  18. Katherine

    Winter housing!

    I live in a mild climate but love to see winter set ups from cool weather tortoise owners. Anyone care to share?
  19. Katherine


  20. Katherine

    Show us your Leopards!

    little friend bigger friend. Love seeing all these lep pics!