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  1. Arzu78

    Happy 2019!!!

    Happy 2019!!!
  2. Arzu78

    Thanx to the forum

    Bravo [emoji1319][emoji1319][emoji1319] Glad everything worked for the best !!! BTW “Little One” is a great name, it will be a riot when he weights 100 pounds [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
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    carrot soaks

    Hi, the carrot soaks are done when the babies are not eating/lethargic in order to provide nutrients and help them recover. The nutrients go in by way of drinking the water and thru the bottom. I filled the bin with very warm water and added about two tablespoons of carrot baby food. The soak...
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    My newest

    So nice she’s going to a good home!!!
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    Guarded optimism

    Yess, yesss and yesss, so glad your baby is doing much better, the feeling is awesome, isn’t it The carrot soaks are heaven for these babies Seen so many recover due to those soaks!!! #keeponsoaking
  6. Arzu78

    New tortoise not doing well

    How is your baby doing
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    My newest

    You adopted her [emoji1319][emoji1319][emoji1319] [emoji8][emoji8][emoji8]
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    Little spikes on the inside of cactus?

    Thanks again for all your help in this forum Tom !!!
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    Little spikes on the inside of cactus?

    OMG, Yvonne, thanks, I knew I had to ask!!!
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    Little spikes on the inside of cactus?

    Tom, hi. Are these succulents safe for Sulcatas??? They are growing wild in our yard!!!
  11. Arzu78

    It's painfully obvious to me now,

    BTW, you don’t need to use baby food at all if your tort is eating ... Fruit baby food is not good because of the load of sugar in them ...
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    It's painfully obvious to me now,

    Oh well, then is just a matter of waiting, I am in the same predicament with my second sulcata ... hoping for a growth spur or a turn for the worst ...
  13. Arzu78

    It's painfully obvious to me now,

    Hi again, if your tort is not eating at all you still should give the carrot baby food soak daily, even twice a day, still having food and water available in the enclosure. When he starts eating his regular foods, then you can stop the carrots in the soaks. I haven’t heard of carrot not being...
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    It's painfully obvious to me now,

    You should do it in every soak until he starts eating properly again. The nutrients go into his system by way of drinking the soak and thru the cloaca.
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    New sulcata

    I did it, before knowing what the consequences, Jack died two months after. Separate ASAP or get a third one. There are too many sad stories around ...
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    It's painfully obvious to me now,

    Do the twice a day soaks in warm water with carrot baby food, maintaining the water warm thru the soak. There have been a couple of success stories in the forum, don’t give up!!!
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    What’s all this white stuff?!

    Me too [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38]
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    tortoise attacked by dog,, possible paralysis??

    Hi, sos orry for your loss, it is very difficult to bring them back most of the time, happened to us ... You have to get your baby inside or the same thing will happen again. Read all the threads and soak him daily, remember to keep your temps and you have to work on his diet!!! Best of luck!!!
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    Advice needed. I feel like a failure.

    Hi, you need to soak your tort twice a day in warm water adding carrot baby food and some pedialyte. This will keep him nourished while he is not eating properly. If you don’t have sunlight do it inside the tank in a plastic container under the light, water should be kept warm at all times...