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  1. Guggie

    Yippee!! It's Ryan's Birthday!!!

    Thank you!!
  2. Guggie

    Happy Birthday, Ryan!

    Thank you all!!
  3. Guggie

    Russian Tortoise pink pee - Help!

    My tort had this. It was the prickly pear cactus fruit I fed him. Go ahead and get him tested, but think carefully if you fed him anything that would have caused that. Good luck!
  4. Guggie

    Do Prickly Pear spineless Cactus have "little" spikes that get stuck in your hand?

    “Glochids or glochidia (singular "glochidium") are hair- like spines or short prickles, generally barbed, found on the areoles of cacti in the sub-family Opuntioideae.”
  5. Guggie

    Naturalistic Keeping: Construction & Design of Captive Chelonian Habitat

    This is a great video. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Guggie

    New owner of two hermanns torts

    Welcome. Your little guy is adorable. I hate to say it, but you will likely need to separate your torts at some point. My two Greeks lived together happily - until one started ramming, biting (causing bleeding), and generally making life horrible for the other. My profile pic was the closest...
  7. Guggie

    Exploded bulb

    I remember with halogen lamps, you couldn't touch the bulb with bare hands, cause the oils would cause the bulb to fail. When you replace it, try using a towel to screw it in?
  8. Guggie

    Poor conditions

    Water dish present. Labeled correctly. I agree - I've seen much worse.
  9. Guggie

    Two boy babies?

    I have two Greeks - they cannot be in the same place for more than 30 seconds before one starts biting and ramming the other DO NOT by two, unless you have the room to have two totally separate enclosures.
  10. Guggie

    Weird leg movements

    It sounds like your tortoise has a very serious condition called Hokey Pokeyitis.
  11. Guggie

    Cement tub enclosure questions (for a baby Iberian Greek)

    The mixing tub works great. Keep the substrait moist - mixing in coco coir may help - and humidity should be ok. As for temps, you'll need to get the MVB higher than the level of the lip of the tub. I suggest either getting a lamp stand or building something, but make it sturdy.
  12. Guggie

    Tortoise measurement tracking

    I don't. I'm not sure it's something I'll release at all. But I'm still working on it, and I'll update you all soon.
  13. Guggie

    Tortoise measurement tracking

    Thanks! It's coming along!
  14. Guggie

    Greek Sub-species identification

    Thanks anyways!
  15. Guggie

    Greek Sub-species identification

    Thanks, @HermanniChris, for the praise and the info! I'm very curious about Cujo now... Are there any other photos - different angles, better lighting - that I can get you to make you give a more definite opinion? I got him from @TylerStewart at TortoiseSupply... maybe he'll know? Is he still...
  16. Guggie

    Greek Sub-species identification

  17. Guggie

    Tortoise measurement tracking

    Yeah, but it would have to be configurable, so that people can choose longer or shorter... stuff like that is what makes it a challenge.
  18. Guggie

    Greek Sub-species identification

    Thanks! (You know, I meant this for @HermanniChris all along, but didn't want to bug him directly. :p )
  19. Guggie

    Tortoise measurement tracking

    Thanks - I'm glad you like it! I'm not sure about the calendar idea. The date concept is already there, in both the Tortoise and Measurement screens. Since most people measure on a non-regular basis, I don't think showing a calendar would be really useful. However, adding reminders is very...