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  1. motero

    Hole getting bigger on Opo's shell.

    I have an adopted female with similar shell growth, I think the growth line got slightly burned at some point. To close of a heat source. The gap between the scutes continues to spread, but much slower than the rest of the growth lines. It has caused her no additional harm, And please don't...
  2. motero

    Leopards for sale shipping from Arizona

    Regular cute leopard babies. Eating spring mix, grape, mallow, and melon leaves. Soaked daily. $200 each plus shipping. $140 each for ten or more. Plus shipping. Plus any payment processing fees. [email protected] Thanks Karl
  3. motero

    New sulcata pen

    Nice fence idea, in AZ desert two or three years tops before the barrels are brittle and cracking up from the sun. Is that one row painted? Paint will extend their life. I really like your pond, so cool.
  4. motero

    Nuchal scute, or split scute?

    I had six leopards hatch in 2019 with this same scute configuration. And 5 this year 2020. I don't think it is just a coincidence anymore. I'll update next spring, what 2021 brings.
  5. motero

    Boring help me with my barking dog thread.

    Thanks all, good thoughts and suggestions.
  6. motero

    Boring help me with my barking dog thread.

    Thanks Tom, that all makes sense. He is a great dog. Sit, stay, come, go to your crate. He loves his crate, so he spends nights in his crate. We are new to dogs, I think we need the trainer more than he does. He does better when he gets structured training time. We're trying more crate time for...
  7. motero

    Boring help me with my barking dog thread.

    Most everything I know about tortoises I learned on TFO. Maybe you can help me with my wife and daughters dogs. I did not want dogs. We got two dogs from a friend, Australian shepherds. 3years old. The problem Kota barks continually when out side in their dog run. Dog run 40ft by 20ft. They get...
  8. motero

    Three toe box turtle Phoenix AZ

    Timmy has found a home. This thread can be moved or deleted. Thanks TFO.
  9. motero

    10 lots of sulcatas $330 shipped.

    sold out, thanks everyone.
  10. motero

    10 lots of sulcatas $330 shipped.

    Lot of ten baby sulcatas. Showing good growth. Eating mazuri, spring mix, weeds, cactus. Only selling lots of ten or more. Daily soaks. Thanks Karl [email protected]
  11. motero

    Three toe box turtle Phoenix AZ

    He is a boy, I got his temperature up and lengthened his day light hours. So he thinks it is spring, he took a liking to his water dish, and I will spare you the details.
  12. motero

    Three toe box turtle Phoenix AZ

    Jenny is a Jimmy, definitely not a girl.
  13. motero

    Three toe box turtle Phoenix AZ

    Located near Phoenix AZ
  14. motero

    Three toe box turtle Phoenix AZ

    Up for adoption, Her family had to move and didn't have the time to find her a home. She is spunky and active bright eyed and very colorful. Not eating due to the cool weather, and the move. She comes with a small tank, She needs much more space, Maybe someone with box turtle experience. Maybe...
  15. motero

    Gender ID

  16. motero

    Another Craigslist Scam

    Very similar Aldabra CL add posted in Elko Nevada.
  17. motero

    Leopard Tortoise nesting behavior and X-rays

    If she is still walking around fine, and eating normal. I don't think you need to intervene. I would work on your nesting area. Make spots of different types of soil, different moisture content, and deferent temperatures. Give her options with gradients.
  18. motero

    Nuchal scute, or split scute?

    What do you think? In my short and limited search I didn't find any information about leopards with a Nuchal scute. This baby is about 4 days old. Has no other mis-scutes. But one of its clutch mates did have split scutes.
  19. motero

    Leopard Tortoise, x-rays show eggs, what now?

    Keep making her enclosure more nestable. Try extra warming lights in the corners or along the wall, where she may nest. Try different moisture levels in different spots of substrate. What substrate are you using? You need something like compacted dirt that will hold is shape if you dig a hole in...
  20. motero

    Baby Sulcata has had yellow bumbs for a month now. Need Help!

    Where did this baby come from? Where was it hatched? Where did you get it?