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  1. pepsiandjac

    Sick woman

    i hope they deport her.
  2. pepsiandjac

    I’m newbie, pls help me, my yellow footed grow some white line between the scutes

    It’s probably just growth lines that will go darker in time,but I’m sure someone more experienced will be along soon in case I’m wrong.
  3. pepsiandjac

    Will filing the shell hurt?

    I noticed yesterday that 1 of my hatchlings was dragging his back leg,but when I pick him up he moves it normally. When I was checking him today I noticed that the shell by that leg is really sharp and is probably rubbing him when he walks. So will it hurt him if I try to smooth it out a bit...
  4. pepsiandjac

    He’ll sleep any where

    Left my glove in the babies outdoor enclosure lol
  5. pepsiandjac

    Loads of Albino sulcatas
  6. pepsiandjac

    Why do they even keep the tortoise

    At least he had warm feet lol.
  7. pepsiandjac

    Texas turtles are dying and state officials don't know why

    Apologies if this has already been posted.
  8. pepsiandjac

    In Memoriam

    Thankyou, Bianca is beautiful,I actually thought it was a photo of Kia at first, Hope her leg is better soon.
  9. pepsiandjac

    In Memoriam

    Lost my little chihuahua Kia,2 weeks ago, from heart failure, She was a rescue so don’t really know how old she was but I had her for about 5 years, I miss her so much.
  10. pepsiandjac

    Hello from England!

    Hi Lucy, This is 1 of the sites I use,Never had a problem with anything I’ve bought so far.
  11. pepsiandjac

    Cracked sulcata egg

    Is there any hope of saving them,or are they too cracked to do anything to.
  12. pepsiandjac

    Will there be any problem if the tortoise buries themselves deep in the coconut coir

    Tom most of the Facebook groups are horrific,I was in a few. Everyone is an expert,but they all repeat the same generic rubbish,that’s been disproved over and over, Some of the advice they give is dangerous.and the UK groups are the worst.
  13. pepsiandjac

    Just an update under 1 year he gains 1.2kg!

    He has a beautiful shell.
  14. pepsiandjac

    Peculiar new behavior

    Also side note: when I went to get Pops to soak him today he had a big turd stuck to his foot so I guess he finally got it out The foot rub seems to have done the trick then lol
  15. pepsiandjac

    Comment by 'pepsiandjac' in media 'Evil tort'

    You tell me lol,I only took the pics,it seems changed in every pic,this was the last 1 lol
  16. pepsiandjac

    Comment by 'pepsiandjac' in media 'Creepy tort'

    No lol,he was sleeping,I think they have 2 eyelids and that’s the inner 1
  17. pepsiandjac


    It may take a few weeks to all come out,so trim as needed lol
  18. pepsiandjac

    I’m new to this, help please

    My Sam was a male for 10 years,then he laid an egg lol.
  19. Even the dogs are at it now

    Even the dogs are at it now