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    Did anyone see this discovery?

    That is very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    My Micro Mini Pig

    Yes, as said before, there is no such thing as a "teacup" or "micro" pig..... just like the pet store people saying a sulcata will only get as large as the tank it is kept in. That being said, I think they can make great pets if you have the room and willingness. Glad that you found a friend in...
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    Gotta collect 'em all!

    How cool. Congrats on the new house. That last picture is great, they both look so happy.
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    Store bought greens/food

    For grass, we just planted some all natural grass seed from the hardware store in our leos home and when it grows he eats the heck out of it. When it is gone we just plant more! A 2 lb bag was only a few dollars and lasts a long time.
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    Yellowfoot Photos

    @Yvonne G I see that one little Leo snuck in to the bath hahahaha
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    Fun Suprise In My Rock Polisher

    It seems like I see one at every garage sale I go to haha...... I guess a lot of people get one and then tire of the hobby very quick
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    Tortoise wandered into house... advice?

    ^^^^ This is why TFO is the best forum on the internet. You can come here with nothing but a picture and get identification, recommendations and resources immediately and thoughtfully.
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    My Greedy Little Calendar

    I would like to offer my services as a tortoise talent agent to you fine folks....... I can offer your representation at a fair price, with modeling contracts guaranteed..... hehehe
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    I'm a male...

    Not sure, but very handsome looking tort, congratulations!
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    Show us your Leopards!

    Nahhh he can stand right up in there. He loves to be in the water, but prefers a floatie if it is there! who wouldn't?
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    Show us your Leopards!

    I will weigh him when I get home & let you know
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    Greg T babies, Beans and Watson

    No that is current picture...... He has not grown much.
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    Show us your Leopards!

    Yes, hatched 9/7/15. He eats constantly but is a slow (but smooth) grower.
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    Show us your Leopards!

    Here are some pics from recent bath. Julius kept trying to climb on the sponge, so we set him up there & he went in to total relaxation mode haha.
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    Greg T babies, Beans and Watson

    Wowsers, 10 pounds! congratulations, they look great. We also have a Greg T baby that just had its first birthday (with us, born in October 15 we purchased 12-31-15)
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    Susie the Mini Lop Doe

    Congratulations!!!! She is very pretty. How is her disposition so far? Is she spayed? I know we were sternly warned against bringing our domesticated rabbit outside for several reasons: -Their coloration and disposition makes them extremely vulnerable to hawks and other birds of prey, as well...
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    Ever Wonder How Fast A Sulcata Can Grow?

    Very cool, thanks for sharing & good info for the prospective sulcata owner who sees that cute little tort and does not know how big/fast it will grow!
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    My Turtle Store Scam

    Its a shame that that is the only thing that got a response.......
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    Are my redfooted tortoises' shells healthy?

    Very good looking Reds. I know I got worried too when new colors started showing up, but that is just how they grow. Now another question since you have 2 RF's. Do you keep them together?
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    Cleaning Polished Rocks From the Dollar Store

    To be safe, I would not use them in a tortoise enclosure. No doubt those are imported (China, Philippines, Malaysia?) and were probably lacquered or coated with some type of substance that is definitely not regulated by the FDA or EPA. Even after washing, once they are exposed to high heat and...