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  1. Kyoki

    This is what my Baby Hermann's Tortoise came in..............

    The purple stuff looks like carefresh bedding. It's bedding used for small pets. My fiance uses it for his Ferret.
  2. Kyoki

    new Russian Tortoise VIDEO !

    Love it! Very well done video! ;)
  3. Kyoki

    My Baby Turtle Video

    That....was adorable. :D
  4. Kyoki

    Looking For Cute Tortoise Pictures

    Thanks :) Bowser loves the camera. He comes charging at me whenever he sees me holding it.
  5. Kyoki

    Looking For Cute Tortoise Pictures

    Here's one of my little Bowser :D
  6. Kyoki

    A relaxing evening!

    lol, so cute. The captions are a nice touch :cool:
  7. Kyoki


    This is such a great idea. Before I was just chopping the hay until it was almost powder and sprinkling it over his mazuri. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, lol.
  8. Kyoki

    look at these cute egytian tort

    Aw, these guys aren't very friendly are they? Especially that little guy. What a bully! :P
  9. Kyoki


    These little guys are so cute! They just made my day! :D
  10. Kyoki

    Zekes sick (dehydrated)

    I feel your pain. when I got my baby sulcata, the pet store sold me all the wrong products and gave me basically the same info as you. "No water. not even a water dish because the humidity could kill him. They get all their water through their food." This particular store has an 11 year old...
  11. Kyoki

    True or false? (pine as a building material)

    Good to know that it's safe as a building material. I was going to ask the same thing before I start building Bowser's new home. You beat me to it! :P
  12. Kyoki

    hard water stains

    plain white vinegar always works for mine. Cheap and easy to find. Also deodorizes and is safe for use around animals. I use it to clean all of my pets cages. Love the stuff. :D
  13. Kyoki

    Toads and Tortoise.

    Maybe you could make one large enclosure with separate compartments for each animal? Or even just a divider in case the cohabitation becomes a problem?
  14. Kyoki

    Basking and letting it all hang out

    It's funny that you call it the "dead tortoise pose" lol. the first week I had my little guy, I noticed him doing this and totally freaked out. "OMG what did I do? Is he dead? Is he sick?! What happened?!" Now that I'm used to it I think it's adorable when he sleeps in silly/awkward positions.
  15. Kyoki

    Yay! Sheldon has mastered his ramp!!

    Hooray! Congrats to Sheldon!:D
  16. Kyoki

    Hello! Meet Bowser!

    Thanks everyone for your welcomes! I'm so glad I found this forum. So much helpful information, I feel like Bowser is going to be much better of because of it. :D The substrate is a light layer of orchid bark on top of plain topsoil
  17. Kyoki

    Hello! Meet Bowser!

    lol, the hide is not an actual tortoise shell, it's a fake ceramic one. I thought it was a little morbid at first too, but my boyfriend bought it for me, so I figured I might as well use it. I have a plastic storage lid that I use to cover most of the enclosure to keep in the humidity. I had...
  18. Kyoki

    Hello! Meet Bowser!

    The pics didn't attach correctly before. Here are the pictures!
  19. Kyoki

    Hello! Meet Bowser!

    New here so I'll post some pics of my current setup and Bowser. Hopefully this works! this is Bowser's current setup until I get my tax return. Then I plan on making him a large closed-chamber enclosure :D Habitat And here's my little guy, charging the camera! Bowser!
  20. Kyoki

    Hi, guys!

    Hi Honey! Sheldon is a cutie, and I love your table. It looks so clean and organized! I'm new here too. I'll be posting some pics within the next few days :D