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  1. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    Okay, the update -- it appears that she nearly missed her demise; there is a tiny crack so the blood came out when Doctor pressed on the wound. Dr.Andrea said Penelope's lungs were right beneath the wound but it was not severe enough she said it'll heal itself. She gave me a bottle of nolvasan...
  2. Madortoise

    Problem with rescued dt

    Any progress with rehabilitation?
  3. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    Thank you for reassuring. Someone told me to use resin to fill the crack but I'll ask VET first about that. She's it - all alone but she hangs out with us whenever we're out. We can't breed DT so the original person who found the litter in his backyard only gave us one of them. I call her she...
  4. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    I know, right? I think the grandma next door will probably end up just taking a cell phone or video games away for few days or something like that. There aren't too many leverage for adults with kids now days. I really do want to reform these kids. Maybe for Halloween I'll give them educational...
  5. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    Thank you for caring. She's actually acting rather oblivious to all of my (and your) concerns. You know how the desert tortoises are. She's happily grazing and running for hibiscus and special treats :) but I had to hide her again tonight because I sighted opossum. Busy mom here. Vet Appt is...
  6. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    Ok, here's the update. I spoke with the grandma who takes care of the kids. She was thankful that I told her and that my husband had confronted the kids (though no one there admitted guilt). She said that's violence and not acceptable and she offered to pay for the vet bill. The concern remains...
  7. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    All good feedback and validating! Love you guys! Thank you, everyone. I was also thinking to lecture them about the endangered species and the state protected animal issues and more about consequences. Rules with identified amount of fine would be great to show. We called Dr. Greek and he said...
  8. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    Yvonne, that's good to know she may not need a vet's care. Anything we can do at home to ease her pain? Also that is what I thought - they didn't think of a consequence but my husband had already caught the boy next door once messing with our sprinkler and lie with a smile...This time also he...
  9. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    Here's the pic I just took of her carapace.
  10. Madortoise

    Cracked carapace

    Hi guys. Long time no post. My beloved desert tortoise Penelope has been steadily growing and she's given me and my husband great joy for the past several years with her curious, fun, innocent, and gentle nature. She is our baby. We have new neighbor since this summer and I thought they were...
  11. Madortoise

    Feel like a big fat meanie...jeeeez

    I could relate to the story since I had to dig my Penelope out of her 2 burrows a few times and block each one of them she dug (long and deep going almost under the house). As soon as she feels me or my husband's hand pulling her out, she'd spread all four to resist the pull and get herself...
  12. Madortoise

    Pre-Order your 2012 Tortoise Calendar Today!

    Hi everyone, It's been a while. I've had a crazy year. This looks like it'll be a cute calendar. I'm pre-ordering one for myself today (when I figure out where/how to order.) If enough local Brits worked it out, perhaps you all could share the cost of shipping....or it's time that the forum...
  13. Madortoise

    My crested gecko

    He looks wild <3
  14. Madortoise

    Look What I Found With The Tort Eggs

  15. Madortoise

    Cresties-first Time

    Hardy, aren't they? So cute.
  16. Madortoise

    4th Annual Calendar Photo Contest!!!

    Tortoise name: Penelope Specie: Gopherus Agassizii Taken by: Mado aka Madortoise
  17. Madortoise

    Is Peroxide solution ok on Minor Skin Injury?

    Yvonne, I'm happy to report that w/2 administration of peroxide & neosporin, I seriously do not see anything anymore. Do reptiles heal that quickly? I have heard they do unlike other animals. Amazed.
  18. Madortoise

    Is Peroxide solution ok on Minor Skin Injury?

    Thank you Yvonne. I use peroxide & neosporin for everything. I'm comfortable with that and will do that later this afternoon when I had adequate time to attend to her. She's gone back into her hide after she ate because sun is not out yet. Mommy's off to work on her bicycle. ciao~
  19. Madortoise

    Is Peroxide solution ok on Minor Skin Injury?

    Penelope my CDT (about 5 y/o) has been staying outside since this Spring. She was already up and about this morning when I put her food out at 7 a.m. she immediately went to it. She's alert even on an overcast morning and appears to be in good condition, then I noticed that there was a blood...
  20. Madortoise

    Tortoises all dead, trader joes cucumbers poisoned them

    My jaw dropped reading this thread...I'm vicariously traumatized by all this. I'm soo sorry, Rachael, for your losses. Though it might be hard...try not to blame or harbor guilt for yourself. The other torts need you now. I'm rooting for the surviving tortoises.