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  1. NorCal tortoise guy

    New tortoise mom seeking advice on species

    He is a three toe box turtle. Not a tortoise at all. Welcome to the forum! We are glad to have you!
  2. NorCal tortoise guy

    New Giant Mexican Musk - Staurotypus triporcatus + Name Suggestions

    Beautiful! They are on my list for sure!
  3. NorCal tortoise guy

    How to set up heat in new enclosure?

    Yes you will also need a basking lamp that gets the ground right under it to about 100f also you will need to set the Che up on a thermostat to keep the cage 80f day and night. Set the uvb bulb and basking bulb on a timer to run 12 hours a day or so. Set everything up and run the cage for a few...
  4. NorCal tortoise guy

    How to set up heat in new enclosure?

    What kind of tortoise will you be keeping in it? That will affect the heating set up
  5. NorCal tortoise guy

    Galapagos Youngsters laid Nov 2018 and early 2019...

    Super cool! I hope one day to be able to work with this species!
  6. NorCal tortoise guy

    Which species has more personality?

    I have both sultatas and aldabras and I think they are both good options I would not willingly stop keeping ether. My aldaras are just small yet so i cant say it a fair comparison but I think they are a little more out going then my sulcatas. they will come to the front of the cage to greet me...
  7. NorCal tortoise guy

    Unexpected Redfoot Tortoise

    I also get giving critters from time ti time I would wait on the vet for a wile and see how he dose with the right care. Id be willing to bet some of things you are noticing will turn right around with the right heat humidity and food
  8. NorCal tortoise guy

    Che without thermostat.

    I have used dimmers in the past as well and they do work My complaint was I had to adjust them from time to time and always wondered if I would wait too long to adjust. Whereas if I spend $20 on the thermostat I never have to adjust them
  9. NorCal tortoise guy

    Links to DIY sheds? Having Difficulty Navigating Site

    I used a rubber maid shed a long time ago. I did work I just lined the inside with foam insulation and the bottom foot or so with ply wood and cut a door in the side. It worked ok but did not last too many years. Should give you some time to get another built.
  10. NorCal tortoise guy

    Clueless from NI

  11. NorCal tortoise guy

    Impulse bought baby sulcatas, what can I do for them?

    The best thing you could do for them is find them a home that will take care of them properly. I know they are not yours and it’s not in your control but the care they are being given is very far from right as I’m sure you have found out in your reading. Fallow the care sheet we have here...
  12. NorCal tortoise guy


    Yes sounds to be growing nicely
  13. NorCal tortoise guy

    Sacramento Area new member

    Sounds like you’re headed in a great direction ceramic heat emitters thermostatically controlled would work great for your purposes. I’m sure radiant heat panels will as well though I have no experience with them myself. For a tube light for uvb I would look in to Acadia bulbs they are great...
  14. NorCal tortoise guy

    Meet grandpa Joe

    Today Joe is 3354 grams And Josephine is 1043g Such a joy to keep!
  15. NorCal tortoise guy

    Sacramento Area new member

    Hello and welcome I’m Not too far north of Sacramento myself
  16. NorCal tortoise guy

    Hello from Canada!!

  17. NorCal tortoise guy

    Is my tortoise ok

    What substrate are you using? Could it just be staining from a dark substrate?
  18. NorCal tortoise guy

    Where The Heck Is Grampa Turtle?

    I wish I would’ve thought to get his email
  19. NorCal tortoise guy

    Hingeback Tortoise YouTube Central

    I’ll be sure to check it out. I don’t keep hingebacks but all tortoise Knowledge is good knowledge in my book!
  20. NorCal tortoise guy

    Where The Heck Is Grampa Turtle?

    He told me when I talked to him at ttpg that he would no longer be on the forum do to the app being gone.