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  1. Laurie

    Grape leaves?

    These grow like wild in my backyard. They ore some kind of grape leaves; vine, they get little grapes growing from them. I know Russians and Hermanns can have grape leaves, my question is, are there different varieties; is this safe to feed? Thanks!
  2. Laurie

    Got mud?

    He heard nice damp soil was good for the skin ;)
  3. Laurie

    Can anyone tell what kind of turtle?

    Thanks guys, I let her know. Her son is slightly autistic and loves, loves, loves the water. Her house sits on a creek and her parents also own a lake house, it is amazing what this kid finds, he spends all day at the creek.
  4. Laurie

    Can anyone tell what kind of turtle?

    My friends son found a turtle by a creek in his backyard, and yes he put it back where he found it :). We were just wondering what kind it was/is. I did not see it and unfortunately they only took one picture of it's plastron. She said it was orange with a black head. We are in upstate NY...
  5. Laurie

    Len! (Or anyone else :) )

    This is one of the "sticks" Len sent me, I've left it here for two years. Leaves! It's sprouting leaves!! But, I forget what it is :( anyone? And coming from Len, I'm going to assume it's tort safe ;)
  6. Laurie

    Walker Pics

    His legs are amazing Len. He looks like he's running after you with an entire bush lol
  7. Laurie

    Tootsie roll

    Keeps on rolling, doing just fine :)
  8. Laurie

    Perfect design

    I love looking at this picture, so simple and has allowed then to survive so long!
  9. Laurie

    Life: A Balancing Act ;)

  10. Laurie

    My rescue aka "Newbie"

    Hydration, proper nutrition and plenty of sunlight Tom, it's not rocket science, these guys have survived without our help for a LONG time. How fascinating they are!
  11. Laurie

    My rescue aka "Newbie"

    The most outstanding thing that I notice is her eyes. In the first picture, they are sunken in, the left one wouldn't even open, I cleaned it daily with a q-tip. The picture I share tonight, her eyes are bright, shiny and convex. Her first night home they were pasty, sunken and concave. She...
  12. Laurie

    My rescue aka "Newbie"

    Thanks Yvonne :). I've had her for over a year. I got a lot of advice from GB and Tom, actually pm'd you with a few questions ;) I just soaked her often and let the skin shed, it took about a month to two months for it all to slowly come off, she looked like she was wearing boots! Nice, new...
  13. Laurie


    Hey JD, the cove is looking as beautiful as ever :)
  14. Laurie


    Thanks Yvonne :) I've been shoveling Tom! lol Life gets busy ;). All my torts are doing great, up to seven now. Four Russians and three dalmation hermanns. How is your group of Russians working out for you?
  15. Laurie

    My rescue aka "Newbie"

    Found this little lady on Craigslist :(. Her first night home Over the next few weeks, her beak broke off and her skin sloughed off in thick, leathery pieces. Here she is today, alert, Feisty and mean as hell! Lol, gotta love her spirit It's amazing how you go from one tortoise to...
  16. Laurie


    After a ton of snow, Brains is glad it warmed up enough to get outside. We even found a fresh dandelion :)
  17. Laurie

    From four weeks to two years

    What a difference two years makes!
  18. Laurie

    Everyone likes pumpkins :)

    Brains The Hermanns Tank Tootsie Roll and Newbie are still sleeping... Must be nice ;)
  19. Laurie

    New hermanns hatchling!!

    He needs a basking spot around 95*F. 82 is not warm enough. He should have about 95*F basking spot with the temperature fading to the low 70's on the cool side.
  20. Laurie


    Hey Greg :) Even though I've been MIA for a while, I still always hop on and check out your pictures :) I love them, they are fascinating! Thanks for continuing to share them.