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  1. nicoleandrocky

    Russian tortoise

    Hi everyone, Im extremely sad to say that i have to sell my russian tortoise, he has been great and is in extremely good health. There has been a lot of unexpected things that happened in my life and my tortoise needs more attention then i have right now. I live in los angeles. pm me for more...
  2. nicoleandrocky


    outside time :)
  3. nicoleandrocky

    My Custom Tortoise Table Build Thread

    wow!!!! looks really good!! how much would you want to make me one :D
  4. nicoleandrocky

    Look at my torts!! Haha!

    My russian sleeps just like in the 1st pic! Very funny little guy :)
  5. nicoleandrocky

    Clover after eating :).

    lol, she doesnt even notice :D
  6. nicoleandrocky

    I'm getting new babies!!

  7. nicoleandrocky

    Hello Everyone!

    welcome! i second that you need a RT.
  8. nicoleandrocky

    Getting another Redfoot:)

    :D update us on how it goes ! i think they will get along, bowser looks pretty big!
  9. nicoleandrocky

    Time to worry???

    i think she will be ok, feed her some pumpkin, but if you are still uneasy about it take her to the vet.
  10. nicoleandrocky

    pictures of enclosures and pens

    i like that idea :)
  11. nicoleandrocky

    Hi Hi!

    welcome to tfo! do you want to get a tortoise that will get large or stay small?
  12. nicoleandrocky

    Hi Everybody

  13. nicoleandrocky

    Playsand and silica sand?

    i would switch, like sulcatasquirt said try coco coir or another choice :)
  14. nicoleandrocky

    Blood in eye

    Hope he feels better! :)
  15. nicoleandrocky


    i remember that, the salmonella scare!
  16. nicoleandrocky

    When is it safe?

    i would wait a year or so.
  17. nicoleandrocky

    Ive done went and done it now!!

    love gerbils :) i love how you have different colored ones. get baby chicks next!
  18. nicoleandrocky

    Introducing Littlefoot & Cera Savannah Monitors

    i LOVE the name littlefoot :D:D:D:D very awesome pics
  19. nicoleandrocky

    Hey everybody!

    welcome to tfo! :)
  20. nicoleandrocky

    Tortoise substrate

    i suggest coco coir. the carpet is extremely messy. :/