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  1. Jtort1

    Male or Female?

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell from this pic if this is a Russian or Greek Tort and the aporoximate age? I visited a place today with several different species and now I'm unsure. Thanks!
  2. Jtort1

    Meet Tank

    Absolutley gorgeous! So excited for you:)
  3. Jtort1

    Help, sick tortoise!

    So, so sorry for your loss. I have tears in my eyes reading all the kind, thoughtful replies. I lost my older RT Oscar Clyde nearly one week ago. I understand your sadness.
  4. Jtort1

    Why not to keep 2 tortoises together - a lesson learned the hard way

    Love the pic of the beauty with the pink harness/leash:) Soooo adorable! Anyway I can have a copy?
  5. Jtort1

    Just wondering... (everyone's location?)

    I'm in Southern Maine
  6. Jtort1

    I think this is female???

    I think I have a female. Agree or disagree? Thanks so much!
  7. Jtort1

    My Russian Escaped

    I'm so sorry she's missing! Please keep us updated!
  8. Jtort1


    I'm glad she found you:) She's a beauty!
  9. Jtort1

    Good diet for Russian tortoise

    Lol. I love the post! Welcome and enjoy all the great advice on here:)
  10. Jtort1

    What species of tortoise is this?

    Agreed! RT all the way! Very cute:)
  11. Jtort1

    Totally new turtle owner in Texas.

    Yvonne is right on the money! Keeping two together is a bad idea! I'm glad you have space to separate them:) Best of luck to you and your new babies!
  12. Jtort1

    Why not to keep 2 tortoises together - a lesson learned the hard way

    Thank you! I too had to learn the hard way! I'll stick with my one. She's doing great!
  13. Jtort1

    No grocery store?

    I buy my torts food from the grocery store. I do my best to buy organic greens and no fruit! I bought organic clover sprouts for her yesterday and she loves them! I agree, variety is key!
  14. Jtort1

    Found a hurt eastern box turtle

    You're doing everything right:) Nice that you're nursing her back to health. Are you planning on keeping her when she's healthy again?
  15. Jtort1

    Hello Tortoise Forums!

    I chose an RT because I live in New England. I also like Leopards! I'm fairly new here. I had two torts but one passed recently now I only have the young one female.
  16. Jtort1

    Male or Female

    Hello, New to the site but so happy to be here I keep going back and fourth on my tort being a girl or boy. Any thoughts/advice/ suggestions will be very much appreciated!
  17. Jtort1


    Hi, happy to report both torts are doing well. Eating great and having a ball! Just want to thank everyone for all the feeding suggestions and advice. I'm fairly new to this but learning more each day. Glad to have this tortoise forum.
  18. Jtort1


    Thank you TD! I've been trying new foods just so he'll eat something. He's very picky and I worry about him.
  19. Jtort1


    Hi everyone, So, after reading several of these threads I decided to try butternut squash and green pepper for my older tort Oscar. Success! So happy to see him eat. Thank you for all the suggestions. Glad to have this forum to chat with other tort keepers!
  20. Jtort1


    I will separate them. Thanks:)