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  1. Jennpaints

    Meet Peanut

    Thanks for the tip on the papaya. It’s one of the things I keep in rotation for my redfoots.
  2. Jennpaints

    Meet Peanut

    Absolutely, removed all the moss immediately near it on the way home. I’m convinced it was dyed because its face was turning bright green… came off during a fresh soak. I keep redfoots so I definitely will make sure this little fella has appropriate humidity and diet. Thanks Tom!
  3. Jennpaints

    Meet Peanut

    It definitely could be a 1-2 based on the coloration now. I keep redfoots (separate) so this guy will also get plenty of appropriate humidity and a varied diet. Pasadena isn’t that exciting, lol. We do live near the water and it’s commutable to other areas. I used to live in Annapolis but it’s...
  4. Jennpaints

    Hi! Glad to have found this place.

    Hello and welcome! I have a 20 year old Russian tortoise, she’s my “easiest” in a lot of ways.
  5. Jennpaints

    Red Foot Biting Everything? Help!

    As others have pointed out, it’s not the safest to let them free roam unless they have a dedicated space. I’ve read too many horror stories about tortoises eating things they shouldn’t.
  6. Jennpaints

    What should I put under the substrate

    You can use a shower liner or pond liner.
  7. Jennpaints

    Hello from Kirby!

    Welcome! Kirby is lovely but seems most older than 6-7 months 😉
  8. Jennpaints

    Meet Peanut

    Rescued this little elongated tortoise today, my son renamed it Peanut. The lady I got it from was feeding it Broccoli and Grapes mostly and told me it was two years old (appears to be a hatchling). Big sigh. With the right heat and humidity, he/she is fairly active and eating. New to...
  9. Jennpaints

    The hearing aid conundrum-----this group ought to have info!

    I used to work for an ENT/audiology office doing administrative stuff before I went into therapy. My advice, buy a quality set with a warranty or insurance if possible. It’s easier to replace a part than a whole set. Many audiologists actually make commission on the sets they sell, so be...
  10. Jennpaints

    Its almost time for my temporary tortoises to go home

    Oh wow! Sorry to have assumed the worst.
  11. Jennpaints

    Looking for a Hermann's tortoise or a red footed tortoise

    I have two decent sized redfoots and I live near Baltimore near the water. The humidity is great in warmer months but again as mentioned above they require a lot of space. In colder months you have to have a dedicated space indoors for them to roam (that’s safe and not free-roamed style) and...
  12. Jennpaints

    Shell dent

    Looks normal, proper lighting and humidity should help straighten your tortoise’s shell out.
  13. Jennpaints

    Its almost time for my temporary tortoises to go home

    Thank you caring. It’s sad people abandon their torts. How old are they? Great that Ryan is willing to take them in as well.
  14. Jennpaints

    Do it yourself wild greens

    Nice job! I just potted a bunch of seeds indoors in hopes to help with the lack of winter foraging.
  15. Jennpaints

    HELP my baby redfoot is not eating

    I’m so sorry for your loss :(
  16. Jennpaints

    Couldn’t say no, another rescue

    It’s always nice to hear when a rescue was taken care of properly. Congrats on your new friend.
  17. Jennpaints

    Cherry heads eating too much or too little?

    I like the names Cherry and Berry. :) Like other people have posted, variety is the spice of life with RFs. Mine will practically eat anything. I grow a lot of different things for them and always hit up new grocery stores/produce stands when I can. They will eat about any fruit and we...
  18. Jennpaints


    She could potentially reach out to MATTS… mid Atlantic turtle and tortoise society… to help find this sulcata an appropriate home.
  19. Jennpaints

    Tasty treats

    Go weed foraging for your Russian tortoise, you can even grow your own weeds and flowers. My old girl loves a dandelion as a treat.
  20. Jennpaints

    New owner to a Russian Tortoise.

    Hello and welcome to the forum!