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  1. Arizona Sulcata

    14" Aldabra Tortoise - FREE Shipping

    This Aldabra is 14.25", outgoing, with a flawless shell. It is growing like a weed, heavy, solid, and healthy as can be. FREE Shipping is included in the price of $5,900. Live arrival and healthy arrival guaranteed! Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested, have any...
  2. Arizona Sulcata

    How to move large sulcata

    I second the Rubbermaid Wheel barrel! By far my most valuable tortoise tool. I even use it to soak my babies.
  3. Arizona Sulcata

    Sulcata Hatchlings - FULL YEAR Health Guarantee

    I have some beautiful, healthy Sulcata Hatchlings for sale. These are of the highest quality in both appearance and health. All my hatchlings come with a FULL YEAR health guarantee! Please email me at [email protected] with your zip code for a shipping quote and feel free to ask questions, I'm...
  4. Arizona Sulcata

    Sulcata Babies

    Beauty's! Well done.
  5. Arizona Sulcata

    Tips on transporting a tortoise?

    Depending on the size, Home Depot sells some heavy duty storage totes that work well. Just make sure to drill some venting holes.
  6. Arizona Sulcata

    She is getting so big

    Congrats, so good to hear!
  7. Arizona Sulcata

    Need Food Source for Large Sulcata Tortoises

    Hay is ideal when you don't have the fresh stuff available.
  8. Arizona Sulcata

    new to tortoise

    Correct. You'll need to purchase a hygrometer to test out the humidity levels and spray accordingly.
  9. Arizona Sulcata

    Ivory Sulcata

    Just a heads up, you won't find an Ivory Sulcata at a rescue. Too much $$$.
  10. Arizona Sulcata

    new to tortoise

    The most important factor will be what you use for your enclosure. Something with an open top will be next to impossible to maintain proper humidity levels. Go with a closed chamber type enclosure. Next is choosing the best substrate. There are several good options but definitely a few to avoid...
  11. Arizona Sulcata

    Little one keeps flipping over

    There's no real answer to this unfortunately. There are things that make flipping over more dangerous and time sensitive such as flipping over in a water dish or under a heat lamp. If it's just a normal flip over situation in a corner somewhere out of harm's way then being away for a few hours...
  12. Arizona Sulcata

    Hatchling temps

    Yikes, I've been out of the loop far too long! Guess I should read what section it's being posted under before responding...[emoji85]
  13. Arizona Sulcata

    Little one keeps flipping over

    How long have you had him/her? If it's in a new environment then there's really no stopping it from flipping if you've already "flip proofed" everything. Once it gets used to it's new surroundings it should stop. Give it a week to settle in if it's new.
  14. Arizona Sulcata

    Best place to put your hygrometer

    I like one in the humid hide and one mounted half way up an enclosure wall midway between the heat lamps and cool side wall.
  15. Arizona Sulcata

    new with questions....

    Hey Jack, welcome! A 2x4 space will work nicely! They all grow at such different rates so it's impossible to give an accurate time frame on how long it will last you. I move mine outdoors full time when they hit 6" but this will depend on your climate. I'm in Mesa, AZ so it's warm here and our...
  16. Arizona Sulcata

    Hatchling temps

    I'd boost the basking temp up to about 95-100 and I never let my hatchlings drop below 80 at any time. Are you using a CHE at night? If so I'd bump up the wattage. 70 degrees is too cool for a hatchling especially in a wet environment.
  17. Arizona Sulcata

    Smart devices for torts/other reptiles

    Probably not what you are going for but I have Blink cameras on all my tortoise enclosures so I can check in on them any time. Best part is no wiring is required so I can have them out in the middle of the enclosure so long as it's within wifi range.
  18. Arizona Sulcata

    keeps flipping over

    I screw on a vertical piece of wood on one side of the log and put the other side up against the wall to make it climb proof. See photo here:
  19. Arizona Sulcata

    Day 56 Update Hatching a Tortoise Without the Eggshell: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

    I think that with it growing so rapidly in a 4-5 day span I don't think the plastic wrap offered enough structure to support the yolk. It expanded past the little nook it had been in and that caused the vein structure to collapse. I am going with something more rigid in the future, probably...
  20. Arizona Sulcata

    Day 56 Update Hatching a Tortoise Without the Eggshell: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

    On day 52 the yolk broke down as it did in my first attempt but the vein structure was still in tact and the tortoise was still alive so although concerned, I still had hope. Day 55 I noticed no movement from the tortoise which was very odd considering it was always following me with its eyes...