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  1. William Bjerglund

    Movement throughout the day

    I recently encountered a new problem. 2 of my Russian tortoises has recently started to, stay in there sleeping area they made/dug and only come out when I feed them. This is not normal, so I was wondering if anyone knows, how I could try to solve the issue. Even if I move them out by force...
  2. William Bjerglund

    New guy in my home

    HI everyone, I recently purchased this guy from an owner who didn't take care of him. He has a very big underbite sadly, but I am trying, to give him a better life now, And I hope you guys can help me with ideas.
  3. William Bjerglund


    Hi i have 2 russians and one is a little bigger than the other however it has started to be a bit aggressive and trying to mate with the other so what soil do you use for breeding and can two russian males be breeding in anyway since i dont know if it is 2 males or 1 of each
  4. William Bjerglund

    Recently fighting?

    Hi my two russians and they are used to live together but very recently my big tortoise has been biting my other one in both leg and head is this normal or do i need to do something i am just worried that my smaller one might get a disease from some of the bites
  5. William Bjerglund

    I would like to see some sleeping enclosures

    Hi, i would love to see some of your sleeping enclosures since i am currently building my own for my indoor enclosure and would love some extra inspiration. Otherwise, have a great day.
  6. William Bjerglund

    Sleeping pattern

    Hello i have had my 2 Russian tortoises in my indoor and old outdoor enclosure but for the past 2 weeks or so they have been sleeping when the sun is out and its day ( light inside their indoor enclosure) and being awake when supposed to be at night should i try closing the gate to the indoor...
  7. William Bjerglund

    Russian enclosure

    Hello, I was wondering how you guys feed your tortoise, like do you feed it once a day or twice or maybe like me, feeding it when it empties its bowl of food
  8. William Bjerglund

    Hello from far away

    Hi my name is William and I am the proud owner of 2 Russian tortoises which I have had For about a year or 2 now, they mainly live in my indoor enclosure because I live in Denmark where its usually cold, but this year I have had them a lot in my outdoor enclosure because we have had many...