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  1. Nicole edwards

    Concerns about stickers in sulcatas enclosure

    Does anyone know if “grass burrs” or “stickers” are dangerous for a tortoise to eat? We just recently moved my guys 14x14 enclosure and noticed this in there while moving. We had them in our back yard last year, but I don’t know if they grew in his enclosure like they are this year. I’m scared...
  2. Nicole edwards

    Question about Rockys shell

    Okay so here's my little guy. He's right at two years old weighing around 14 pounds. What do you all think about his shell color? He is outside for 2-4 hours a day. His shell just seems much darker than others on here.
  3. Nicole edwards

    Aloe Vera for sulcata. Suggestions?

    My sulcata loves aloe vera but my plants grow so slowly that I'm not able to give it to him as much as I would like. What do you all think about this? I found it at my local walmart today. The 99.8% scares me a little bit
  4. Nicole edwards

    Outdoor sulcata home. Let's see pictures

    I am looking to move my sulcata outdoors this summer, he's really needing more space. He is currently about 12 pounds. I would like to see some pictures to get ideas. Thanks!
  5. Nicole edwards

    Until what age do you soak a sulcata. Rocky is getting pretty large

    How long did you soak your sulcata for? Rocky is a little over a year and a half old and weighs approx. 10-11 lbs and it getting a little to large to soak. My only issue is that this is the only time he will use the bathroom, and I don't want him to go in his cage because that's just not...
  6. Nicole edwards

    New indoor enclosure in the making!! So excited!!

    New 5'x3' enclosure coming soon!! Will be posting updates showing the process!
  7. Nicole edwards

    Questions about shell growth. Photos attached

    Are these spots in the growth rings normal? They've been there about s month and seem to be getting larger with everything growth ring.
  8. Nicole edwards

    Ever Wonder How Fast A Sulcata Can Grow?

    I'll have to say he's turining in to one beautiful little guy! :D:<3:
  9. Nicole edwards

    Bedding confusion for juvenile sulcata.. Need advice

    I have tried multiple different beddings for my young sulcata and none seem to work well. I have heard bad things about every bedding I can thing of so what do I use? I just purchased some alfalfa bedding today but I did research before I used it and it looks like it isn't a good solution. I am...
  10. Nicole edwards

    Bowel movement issues possibly? Suggestions?

    Rocky is approximately a year and three months old and weighs around 980 grams. He normally has a bowel movement every morning in his soak. This last week he went three days with no bowel movement. I called his vet and she said he may have swallowed something and to give him a stool softener and...
  11. Nicole edwards

    My little giant enjoying the outdoors!!

    780 grams -1 year and two months old
  12. Nicole edwards

    My growing little guy!! Lots of pictures attached

    This little monster is getting large quick!! I feel like I can almost watch him grow lol. The first photos are from January 2016 and the others are from now August- September 2016. Just 7 months!!!! This photo is a few days old. He's over 700 grams now That is the same hand that was...
  13. Nicole edwards

    Can my sulcata drink too much water?

    When you think of a sulcata you think of a desert tortoise that is rarely around water. My little guy constantly drinks and will drink for 10+ minutes at a time. Is this normal?
  14. Nicole edwards

    Winter coming up!! Need help with food

    I have a one year old Sulcata. All summer I've been cutting grass and shreading it for him to eat but it's almost August and that means only a couple of more months left of grass. What could I start doing to get ready to feed him this winter? What does everyone else do?
  15. Nicole edwards

    307 gram weight gain in 5 months for Rocky the sulcata

    Look how pretty my little guys shell is and also look at this growth rate :eek:
  16. Nicole edwards

    Rockys story. It's worth the read. Photos attached!

    :D:D:DWell Rocky came into my life a little different than you would expect. So my family decides to go to the local flea market one weekend, and we go a couple of times a year. On the way there I promised myself I would not come back with anything that breathes or eats because I have enough...
  17. Nicole edwards

    Rocky the sulcata's growth timeline with photos!

    August 10th 2015 January 1st 2016 January 25th 2016 Febuary 17th 2016 April 26th 2016 (we had to get in a bowl this time because someone wanted to run)
  18. Nicole edwards

    Cute pictures of little Rocky

    Don't mean to brag but i have one handsome little tort if you ask me :rolleyes:
  19. Nicole edwards

    Different options on how to feed tortoise. Mine is making a mess!!!

    Anyone found any ways to leave food out for your tortoise in their indoor enclosure without them making a huge mess?? I'm very OCD and it's driving me insane that I can not keep his cage clean because his food is so much fun to run through according to him. It WAS on a cutting board in the back...