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    My Latest Endeavor...

    Make sure to look at juvenile redshoulder photos. Adults have a red breast and “shoulder” coloration. (the red colored shoulder is actually the birds wrist area, but when they have their wings tucked up for perching it looks like their shoulders) Peregrines are in Florida during certain times...
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    My Latest Endeavor...

    It’s hard to be 100% sure from the photo, but it looks like a juvenile redshouldered hawk. Generally redtails won’t perch on the wire like that. Their feet are to big for it to work comfortably. Red shoulders have much smaller feet and perch on wires frequently.
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    Chameleon concerns

    Chameleons are really cool. Several years back I had a veiled. He was never very tame, but was still awesome, as long as you were ok not touching him. He would still eat out of my hand, as long as you didn’t try to pick him up. When I was at the zoo we had some Mellers that we got to work with...
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    Problems with hawks

    I second @Tom’s comments. I’ve had hawks around tortoises (or tortoises around hawks) for many years. The hawks have never shown any interest in the tortoises. They will however show interest in other types of animals, such as mice or rabbits. Not to say it isn’t possible that a hawk took your...
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    Female tortoises having a flexible plastron at adulthood

    Several years ago I remember looking into what constrains egg size (we were looking at size of egg vs number of eggs). I remember an article about this subject- I’m pretty sure that this is the one I was thinking of- link is below. The part of interest starts at the bottom of page 1349 “Shell...
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    Don’t give up, keep looking. Do a search on the forum for lost tortoise stories. There are tons of examples of this happening and people being reunited with their beloved torts days and even months later. The longest I’ve ever heard of is 10 years. This is of course somewhat dependent on what...
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    Pardalis Pardalis Hatchlings

    @Tom should have some hatching soon. I can’t recommend him enough. Finding true pardalis pardalis is not easy. Lots of people say they have them. Not as many people can prove they have not been mixed with any other subspecies at some point. Do a search on the forum to read about pardalis...
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    Baby Tarantulas!

    That is awesome @Tom, congratulations. @Turtulas-Len I like the red knees too. I’ve got about a dozen of the terrestrial species. Varying sizes from slings to adult sizes. Redknees, firelegs, salmon pink bird eater, curly hair, Brazilian white knee, rose hair and a few others. I really enjoy...
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    Seeking CherryHead hatchling(s) or baby

    If you’ve never been, the expo is a lot of fun. There are 1000’s of reptiles to see and purchase. There should be plenty of redfoots there to purchase. I would try and read up here on the forum about the proper way to raise hatchlings, so that you can speak with the breeders and decide who is...
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    Any bird experts here?

    I second @Tom. Best thing is leave them be and let them do there thing.
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    Any bird experts here?

    They look like young brown thrashers to me. And it sounds like the behavior you’d expect from baby birds. The noises were probably food begging vocalizations. It could be that this was a second clutch for the parents- hence the late timing. I’m not sure if brown thrashers will double clutch or...
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    ISO An Adult Pair of Sulcata Tortoises

    Not sure if they are still available though. https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/young-adult-sudan-sulcatas.174667/
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    Splash pad/pond input

    I should also mention, that when I was taught about making concrete ponds, I was told to change the water every day for the first few days after making the pond. New concrete leaches stuff into the water at first, so it’s important to get rid of those chemicals. The more concrete, the more...
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    Beginner with lighting questions

    I second what Tom said. I get all of my stuff for heat/light at the hardware store. You just need a bulb to produce heat (adjust height and wattage to get the correct temperature) and a bulb to produce light. For UV I just use the sun a few times per week. UV bulbs are expensive and don’t...
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    Leopard tortoise care advice

    There are several leopard tortoise breeders here on the forum. My biggest piece of advice is to follow the care sheet posted above. I used to raise my baby leopard the same type way you are describing (dry savanna type enclosure). This year I made a closed chamber and have been raising the...
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    Splash pad/pond input

    The concrete ponds I did were between 2 and 4 inches thick. But they were mostly small ponds, not sulcata size. With earth directly under it, you shouldn’t have to make it super thick, it’s not like you are parking a car there. And for concrete I used Portland cement mixed 1:1 with sand. Then...
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    Splash pad/pond input

    It’s been a while, but I’ve made several concrete ponds in the past. The thing that I never did correctly was make them big enough. You start by digging out your pond (in whatever shape/depth you want), then as you put a liner, and concrete on top of that, you pond shrinks drastically. So my...
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    Help with LARGE water changes

    That is a lot of water. That would be like 6 of those ibc tote things.
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    Help with LARGE water changes

    Is there any way you could set up another tank to premix the fishes water? If you were able to just fill up several hundred gallons, then mix in your water treatment, then let that tank drain into your fish tanks. This way you wouldn’t have to stand there and add your water treatment as you go-...