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  1. rtortsaz

    Burmese Star Tortoise for sale

    I have a beautiful three year old Burmese Star. Sex unconfirmed but appears female based on visual (flat plastron, short stubby tail, and shape of anal scutes). 5 1/2 inches long and 566g. Asking $2,500.00 OBO. No shipping (I have just never done it before). Pick up in Arizona (Phoenix metro...
  2. rtortsaz

    Sri Lankan Star

    I have a young adult male Sri Lankan Star ("Taurus") that I am rehoming. He is healthy, friendly and has a beautiful pattern. He is approximately 6 1/2" long. I am asking $1000. I can't figure out how to attach pictures but I can send to those interested. Please contact me if interested.
  3. rtortsaz

    Just wondering about the redfoot females you had for sale. My brother in Ohio is interested...

    Just wondering about the redfoot females you had for sale. My brother in Ohio is interested because he currently has 3 males. If still available, I was wondering if you could send me some info on size, age, if captive bred, health and pictures. Thanks.
  4. rtortsaz

    Hello from Arizona

    Here are pics of the Stars' enclosure just after construction. 10' x 6' with a 2' x 4' heated (radiant heat panel) night box. We have a hawk that hangs around our yard so I covered with hardware cloth. I have since added some additional hides and various weeds and flowers.
  5. rtortsaz

    Hello from Arizona

    I have been on here for a couple months now but keep forgetting to properly introduce myself to everyone. My name is Josh and I live with my wife, kids, and three torts in the Phoenix area. I have raised reptiles since I was a kid and currently have one juvenile male Leopard (bacocki) and a...
  6. rtortsaz

    free hermann only to a really good home

    My brother is in Ohio and although not currently a member of the forum, is an experienced tortoise keeper. I told him about this and he would like to get in touch with you if possible. Could you send me an e-mail or number where he could get a hold of you? Thanks.
  7. rtortsaz

    Looking for a juvenile-subadult female leopard (Babcocki)

    I am in Arizona and I would like to find a juvenile-subadult female leopard. If anyone has one available or knows of anyone who does, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. rtortsaz

    Eggs hatched from the ground

    Thanks Tom. I really appreciate the quick response. Also, I just wanted to give you a general thank you as I have read many of your posts on the forum (on various topics) and all of them have been very helpful and informative.
  9. rtortsaz

    Eggs hatched from the ground

    First time poster with a quick question: Are tortoises hatched from the ground more likely to be male versus female? Or is there any evidence/studies/or theories on this at all? I couldn't find anything on it so I thought I would check and see if anyone on here knew. Thanks.