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  1. Claiby

    Can someone please take Odin? -Sulcata, 3 years old

    I am new here. I am in AZ. I would be honored to take care of Odin for you. I have a brand new leopard tortoise and it is my intention to provide him with an amazing home, and would do nothing short of the same for Odin. PM me if you're interested. My prayers go out to you and your family.
  2. Claiby

    New Leopard is a picky eater

    Okay, thanks for the info. I've noticed he waits for the veggies to dry and then he eats it up. Not too sure why. I put him outside every day for an hour and he is very active and strong. I am assuming he is doing okay. He does graze on the grass out there a little. I'll keep trying. I...
  3. Claiby

    New Leopard is a picky eater

    hi, I just got my tort about one week ago. He seems healthy. When I first got him I was feeding him kale and grape leaves. He really seemed to eat it up. I recently made a mix of dandelion, collard greens, romain, and shredded carrots. He won't touch the stuff. I also started putting...