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    Pancho and Lefty

    Great names!
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    Black yellowfoots!

    I would love to see some pics of your Yellowfoot enclosures! What gorgeous animals.
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    Box Turtles are so pretty in the rain.

    Been raining all day here in Ohio and they are loving it. Not the best photos but I wanted to share. Here's my girl.
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    need an awesome male three toe?

    I just bought him! : ) very excited. I got 2 nice females waiting for him.
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    Outdoor Russian Tortoise Enclosure

    Thanks for all the kind comments. Tom, the divider area with the cinder block is just unfinished. I will get there eventually haha, but they haven't been able to escape yet.
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    Outdoor Russian Tortoise Enclosure

    Here's a couple pictures of my Russian Tortoise enclosure. I'm still working on a lid so they are not out here full time. We have to many predators that I can't trust. There is 5 total, 2 males 3 females. I still need a couple more hides but all the plants are coming in real good. Hope you...
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    Garlic Mustard?

    This looks like Garlic Mustard according to the pics on the tortoise table. Anyone want to confirm or deny? Thanks in advanced.
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    Outdoor Box Turtle Enclosure

    Thanks all for the compliments! I will definitely continue posting pics. The measurements for each area are about 9 by 12 foot. And the waterfall is just a pond liner and rocks really. It was my first try making a pond so I'm pretty happy with the results.
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    Outdoor Box Turtle Enclosure

    I actually plan to cover the whole thing. My dogs are constantly in and out of it now not to mention the raccoons, opossums, foxes, birds and whatever else might find my turtles appetizing.
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    Outdoor Box Turtle Enclosure

    I started this last year but never did finish it. Well I've been working hard trying to get it done in time for them to go outside full time when it's warm enough. It's not quite finished yet, I still have some work with the walls and I want to plant it up pretty good. But here are some pictures...
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    Weed ID

    Thanks for the replies. I'll look up all the suggestions and compare them to the plant again. And niki, if you're typing a post, up in the right hand corner is a "+" symbol (next to the send button).
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    Weed ID

    Hello everybody. Does anyone know what this is? This is my first time posting a pic from the iPhone so hopefully it shows up. Thanks in advanced.
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    should I be concerned?

    Is she pacing the enclosure also? She could be trying to find a nesting spot, it's that time of year. I don't know if you have a male with her or not but mine climb over everything (including other turtles) pacing the enclosure frantically.
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    I was using tap water. Should I be using purified? And I did scrub everything down. It did have quite a bit of build up on it, so maybe that was what went wrong.
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    I bought a Reptifogger about a month and a half ago and it stopped working. Where the actual fog it sprays out mostly water droplets, not enough fog to come out of the tube. Has anyone had this problem? Is there some kind of general maintenance I failed to do? So annoyed since they cost so much...
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    Hello from NE Ohio

    Wow we are close! I got my gulf coast last June as a hatchling so he is right around the year mark. Nice to meet you neighbor.
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    Hello from NE Ohio

    I'm from Northeast Ohio too(Akron area)! And I also have a gulf coast box turtle! Welcome.
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    Recently my male mounted my female and while he was biting at her she clamped down on his bottom jaw and held tight. About a half hour later she let go. I left them alone because I didn't really know what else to do. It was pretty scary though.
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    When my iguana used to get out he would get into the closet and hang in between the shirts on the hangers. If you haven't checked yet go through all your closets. Best of luck.
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    Vitamin A Injection, of course went wrong

    Just curious for future vet visits, is there any alternative to a vitamin a injection? My vet gave my RES one once, and I didnt have any problems with it but can you get the vitamin a into them some other way without the risk of overdose?