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    ARUM plant? I.D. Please this one's weird!

    Looks like a voodoo plant. They come back every year from a bulb, only flower every couple of years. Nobody eats them, even the dog that thinks she is a goat! Not sure what the correct name is, they're pretty much a weed around my house, only plant I can't kill..
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    Cute pictures :)

    Death to romaine! That is one happy tortoise.
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    Autoimmune Disease/Meniers Disease

    Have you tried an infectious disease specialist? Sometimes they have a better overall health view since they deal whole body rather than specialize in a single view.
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    Help!! Just moved to new house and discovered the previous owner has left a tortoise

    Looks like a male Hermann's, western or Dalmatian probably. Looks kind of small so I'm not sure which. They love water, if he stays outside in the garden offer him a soaking pan and mist/water the garden a couple of times a day. If it has plants in it you'll find that he will have favorite...
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    You know you have a tortoise when...

    When people ask what you did on your day off and you say you watched the tortoise graze in the yard.
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    Baby box turtle

    Lots of cover and hiding places for a baby. They dig and burrow and hide. The only time I saw my hatchling was if I caught them in the food or water bowl! I used to stalk them just to see if they were still alive. They still like to dig and hide but they're a lot more adventurous now that...
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    A Planted Rainforest Redfoot Terrarium v.2

    So beautiful. Did you build it yourself or special order from a manufacturer?
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    Frankie Tortoise Tails: So This is Christmas

    That was Frankie's was of saying merry Christmas and making sure that you appreciate your family and the gifts that just keep giving! After all he really didn't have much time to do his shopping.
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    New member! Forest hingeback.

    Hello, Colin Welcome to the forum.
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    Weird mouth behaviour!

    Could it be the time he was fed before you got him? I know mine will let me know if I am late with a meal, even though they are outside with stuff to eat in their enclosure.
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    Do you keep food dish in same spot (indoor enclosure)

    The food/water bowls stay in the same place, but I hide treats. Apiece of romaine lettuce or kale o hibiscus. This way they still wander around and graze without being bored.
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    Young T. hermanni "playing"

    They're like little kids waiting for the slide. Always one show off in the lot!
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    need advice

    Heat yes. Basking no. You need consistent heat/temps, a little cooler at night. They definitely need darkness at night. Constant light will stress them out.
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    South Florida cold snap

    Sun is up. Still cold. Brrrrr.
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    Winter bloomers

    Hibiscus flowers come in so many colors. And different types, like the double. And has any one seen the Chinese type? They are a burgundy color with almost purple leaves. I had them for years until it froze for more than a couple of nights a few years ago. I have photos but when I try to load...
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    can i stop this pyramiding?

    All of mine are outside most of the year. Like your climate the humidity in Florida is really high most of the time, especially in the summer. Mine still get 'watered'. The only pyramiding that mine show is an older Hermanns the was raised 'the old way.' Inside and dry, not even a water bowl...
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    tort helps out a flipped buddy.....

    Am I the only one who wonders how 'buddy' got flipped in the first place? Leopard tortoise do not flip easily.
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    South Florida cold snap

    Well it dropped into the30/40's last night in central Florida. Considered hibernation. I consider the 50's freezing, and so do my tortoises. Even my box turtles dug in and disappeared yesterday. Everyone else is inside waiting for warmer weather to return. Maybe tomorrow....
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    Whos' to say it's big enough?

    With other animals the space they require in the wild is directly related to the area they need to feed themselves. And territories would be defined by how many tortoise that could feed and breed without depleting the resources. We provide a balanced diet for our torts, so, realistically the...
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    hook worms

    Hook worm eggs are 'sticky' they get on everything they come into contact with and cling to surfaces. Easiest way is to set up a hospital tank for the duration of treatment and bleach all equipment you use before replacing the tortoise in his enclosure again. Make sure you use gloves, they are...