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  1. Gus

    Worried about my Leopard's health! Help pls

    Cheby Try to join this group in the facebook very active on tortoise
  2. Gus

    Hello! I'm new here and could use some advice on feeding

    Well written Tom and I strongly agree with you
  3. Gus

    Tortoise Nail

    Just wondering isit advise to cut the nail of the tortoise if is growing too long and how to go about it if really needed to do so!!!:tort:
  4. Gus

    Treated Tap Water

    I alway have 6L of age water (at least 3days) for stand by for my tort!!!
  5. Gus

    Mazuri good for all tortoises?

    Mazuri is like candy for my Star Tortoise and four of the tort behave the same way!!!
  6. Gus

    Inexpensive Mazuri Tortoise Feed....?

    Try it out from one of the member in this forum spikethebest (SPIKE!!!) he's selling mazuri as for the price he charge for shipping you would have to chaeck with him!
  7. Gus

    Poll: substrate for your Star?

    So next qustion is how often does yo guys change the substrate?
  8. Gus

    Maggie needs help

    This is a Best idea and how about putting him/her in a big blue tub for maybe a few month and place only veg or feed him with mazuri pellet to change the eating habit.....
  9. Gus

    My thoughts on Mazuri and ZooMed grass land

    Than you should give it a try you will notice your tort love it ;) I enclosed a link in ebay I find it very cheap compare I bought it locally in spore!!
  10. Gus

    My thoughts on Mazuri and ZooMed grass land

    I'm from singapore the past few years I have fail in keeping star tortoise untill mazuri come about and form than onwards my star start growing well and I would give a Tumb Up for Mazuri but off course not forgetting all the fresh veggi which do a big part in the diet too... I strongly...
  11. Gus

    Starting Mazuri ...

    You really make it sound like i'm paying too much for a lb :( [hr] Thanks I just found out this link http (:// ) which I pay less......Omg!!!:(
  12. Gus

    Starting Mazuri ...

    Hi LParkey Mazuri pellet is really good for our tortoise and the past few yrs I have been losing a number of star tortoise untill I started feeding my star with it... Just to share with you how often I fed them first of all I'm from singapore whole year round summer(super sunny) so full...
  13. Gus

    Star Tortoise | Basic Questions

    As for mazuri you can try order it from internet and for the substrate you can just get some natural soil and replace the newspaper as substrate.
  14. Gus

    Indian Star Tortoise Diet?

    Hi Tony snake plants can it really being feed to star?
  15. Gus

    Star Tortoise

    Omg I really can't believe what I have saw in the picture! It seen like their under go Navy Seal Training!
  16. Gus

    Star Male/Female?

    How abt this star of might is it male/female???
  17. Gus

    A picky eater...

    Hi have you try out mazuri pellet try to soak it with warm water and mix it with other chop vege you will be surprise that your baby tort eating happily
  18. Gus

    why is my cactus doing this?

    Yes over watering, so now cut the yellolish part away and replant it again......
  19. Gus


    What the Chinese Panda will eat Goat in the wild??? OMG You really shock me???
  20. Gus

    Male or female Indian Star???? Please help me

    Hi egyptiandan How abt this piece??? Pls advise me on the sexes so that I can place a order :)