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  1. J

    2.5 yr old Sulcata for adoption

    Good news I just adopted out my Sulcata to a good home in southern New Mexico. I'm glad he'll get the room to roam and plenty of frsh air.
  2. J

    2.5 yr old Sulcata for adoption

    I have a Sulcata for adoption and would like to find a good home with knowlegable owners. I moved from Oregon to Colorado and just don't have the climate and space to properly care for a Sulcata right now. He (not sure what sex yet, could be female) has been on a diet of natural grassland...
  3. J

    Percy's house

    Just a thought, if you're worried about rain/mud, how about creating a bed of hay/sand/dirt on the cement and raise the house up a little bit. I have a hatchling that only likes to burrow a few inches to get comfortable. I don't know about larger torts. By the way I love the house, it looks like...
  4. J

    Move to Colorado

    Hey everyone, I just wanted let you know that Nibbler and the rest of us made it to Colorado. The weather here is 80's/90's and sunny:D It's a little dry here so I bought a humidifier. It seems to help. Thanks for everyone for their concern and advise. Jared
  5. J

    Hello everybody

    Thanks for the concern. I believe that I'll be allright since I have a health cert. Yeah we'll be driving about 22 hrs in 2 days. It's going to be an adventure. Jared
  6. J

    Hello everybody

    I named him/her Nibbler. So far I've enjoyed having him around. I look foward to many years of enjoyment. Jared
  7. J


    Welcome!. I'm new to the forum too and I've gotten a lot of good info from everyone. I think this is a great resource. Welcome again, Jared
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    Hello everybody

    You know, just to add one more thing to your thought processes, will you be able to keep your new friend warm enuf when the snow is deep and the temps below freezing? While small, it won't be an issue, but when your sulcata grows to 100+ pounds, it may be problematic ~ Thanks for your...
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    Hello everybody

    Hi, I am new to tortoises and I am really glad to find this forum. I did a lot of research online and at local pet stores and decided to get a baby Sulcata(Nibbler). I know all the time, money and space needed to take care of one and I believe I have the resources to be a good owner. There's a...