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  1. BigandSmallTortoise

    Can someone please take Odin? -Sulcata, 3 years old

    Hello....I am so saddened by your story and I would love to help in any way possible! I am a tortoise rescue / sanctuary in Ames, Iowa. That seems to be fairly close if both parties are willing to drive some. I would be happy to have him in our sanctuary so you can always get updates and...
  2. BigandSmallTortoise

    New Rescue in Iowa

    Thank you mike! That is good advice to have several extra enclosures - even extra heaters and lights, etc. I am learning this the hard way. I am so unknown at this stage that I usually just wait for them to say there is a tortoise they do not want. but then I am always frantic getting...
  3. BigandSmallTortoise

    New Rescue in Iowa

    Hello! I am a new member to the forum, but have always used the threads to learn how to care for my tortoises properly - it is a great source of information and there are very knowledgeable folks here! I recently decided to become a member in order to be involved with the adoption section...