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  1. Hutsie B

    He is here, my (hopefully and probably) male cuora mccordi

    really nice specimen. Have fun with him.
  2. Hutsie B

    Out & About

    oh, meant to say we came across her laying her eggs later.
  3. Hutsie B

    Out & About

    neat, she is beautiful. We live on 17 acres fields and woods and my husband came across a pair of boxies breeding. We have come across adults and one to two year olds on the farm but this is the first time he/we came across a breeding pair. It is so late in the season we think these eggs will...
  4. Hutsie B

    This is the end...

    glad she is ok. Mistakes happen and we learn from them.
  5. Hutsie B

    Heosemys spinosa keeping

    I fed mine lots of worms and snails. The Bronx Zoo is very successful at breeding them.
  6. Hutsie B

    fall 2022

    beautiful turtles.
  7. Hutsie B

    Baby Wood Turtle!!!

    Congratulations! I have had them and they are wonderful
  8. Hutsie B


    I meant to add that that is like everyone else has said, a Three toed
  9. Hutsie B


    Box turtles are native to Texas and Oklahoma, I have been to both places and found them. Found a bunch of three toads on a ranch in Oklahoma, a few in Northeastern Texas(not three toads)
  10. Hutsie B

    Cuora Serrata

    hi, I have a serrata but she is at her original owners home now trying to get her bred and to lay her eggs. He had her for at least a few years and she intimidated the males she was trying to be bred to, so he sold her to me. I had her a year then he thought he had a male that would work. So I...
  11. Hutsie B

    My experience with two very special three toed box turtle eggs

    How great for those babies. Without you saving them they probably would have gotten smooshed too.
  12. Hutsie B

    Egg like discharge

    So so sorry for the loss of your little mate. To have one so long and lose it is hard. It does not seem like it is anything you did. I know you will miss her. Best wishes while you recuperate.
  13. Hutsie B

    How to sell or donate a tortoise

    I don't know. I have only recently seen two Russian tortoises for sale at a PetCo besides that in all my 30 years living here I have never seen tortoises of any size for sale at any stores.
  14. Hutsie B

    How to sell or donate a tortoise

    You can sell turtles over 4" in NC. Nothing under. Place ads to find a new home for this tortoise. I am in Greensboro NC so I know about the 4" law. Good for you to come on this forum and ask,
  15. Hutsie B


    so sorry about your loss. Something similar happened to me when I was young and had some Box turtles outside under a tree. The shade moved and they got over heated. It is hard, but like said, you have learned a valuable lesson and can go on from here.
  16. Hutsie B

    Stock Tank modification

    Really cool. I use some of the lower stock tanks for my smaller turtles
  17. Hutsie B

    Soft shell and leaking (horse field tortoise)

    So sorry for the loss, the tortoise does indeed look like she is dead to me.
  18. Hutsie B

    HEY YOU...

    Maggie, your new additions look like they already have personalities. I used to visit my husband's parent's lake and go out in the canoe with a net. I would catch soft shells by the dozens. One at a time I would size them and touch them and then let them go. It was fun. Have fun with your new...
  19. Hutsie B

    Found one!

    he is a beauty, congratulations. I had one many years ago that liked to eat goldfish. He got so tame he would eat them right out of my fingers. Enjoy yours. thanks for sharing photos.
  20. Hutsie B

    Successful breeding of Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii

    that is great news. best of luck with all 11. I hope they all hatch into thriving babies.