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    Found a tortoise

    My friend found a tortoise in her garden the yesterday.. i have my own so had some spare space to look after him.. took him to the vets today and was told hes about 7/8 years old and defo a hermanns but doesnt have a chip so wouldnt have papers.. i have horsefields so what id need to know is do...
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    2 tortoises..

    Ok thank you for the advise.. i have horsefield tortoises
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    2 tortoises..

    I bought two tortoises at the age of 3 about 2/3 weeks ago and one of them bit they other so i thought id add another salad dish so they both had enough but he keeps biting the other one and goes to both bowls.. we have had them sexed and one has a slit and the other as a star on its tail...
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    Tortoise table

    My boyfriend and his dad are going to make a tortoise table Its just im a bit confused about the uvb bulb as iv never seen a tortoise table with a fiting for the uvb bulb.. my tortoises are kept inside unless its sunny so they will obvs still need uvb.. or not? /:
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    Diet help

    I got up this morning to find my tortoise had left me some white liquid.. /: what is it? and am i feeding the wrong sort of food? Iv given her mixed green and purple leaves an cress so far.. im trying to find some dandilion leaves. Also what does people mean by weeds from the garden?
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    New Owner

    Yea theres always that lol.. just dont know if anythings been sprayed on em or dogs/cats been and gone toilet one em.. dont want to harm my little tortoises
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    New Owner

    Thanks for all your advice (: i live in the uk we do have some weeds but theres a lot of cats round this area.. someone said i could grow my own weeds?
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    New Owner

    Hi i only bought my 2 horsefield tortoises today and been told to feed them dark mixed greens and purple leaves.. but would really appreciate it if someone could give me a few more bits they would enjoy and keep them happy
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    Is it a dominance thing?

    I bought two horsefield tortoises today from the same store.. both 3 years old. One of them went to nip the other on the head is that a dominance thing? /: Also would it be a good idea to get them there own food bowls each?
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    New Owner New Member

    [/b]Hii (: My names Gemma && today i bought two 3 year old horsefield tortoises Ones called Pikachu and the other is called Squirt lol. Pikachu is the lighter of the two && Squirt is the darker.