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    Let's see your enclosure

    that looks amazing!I can only image what you have set up inside for the
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    Wow ! I love the shell :) :D
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    Sulcata in Chicago area (poor condition)

    I hate seeing things like this. I wish people would research before buying animals. They should be giving it away to a good rescue home or a reptile rescue instead of trying to make a buck off the poor guy. To Sad :(
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    Omaha Reptile Show

    Was told there is going to be a reptile show in Omaha Neb. in Oct. Was wondering if anyone has been to any of the shows there. If you have I'm wanting to know if there is tortoise's vendors and breeders that attend the show. I don't want to drive the 3 hours if there is only a few. Thanks, Teena
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    New RF...some questions

    Harley, That is great you finally got your rf . I love the shell! What is the basking rock for? Teena
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    Thanks JD. I'll get one taken tomorrow and post it in the redfoots section. :)
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    I got that new red foot and they were not sure if it was a cherry head. How will I be able to tell? Do I have to wait till it gets bigger to find out.
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    At what size do they start to marble? thanks :)
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    Redfoot pros and cons

    Pro's- would be having such a great forum to visit if you have questions on what ever you decide to get. I love watching and enter-acting with them. I also like their coloring. Getting the feeding down was simple. I love watching them soak them selves that is the best part! :) Con's- Trying...
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    Jet has shell rot

    Terry, every time I open this page on it says registration has been disabled. Is there a way around this or is it my puter setting you think? Thanks, Teena
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    Outdoor Enclosure Inspiration

    lol....I was wondering if they were traps after you posted that. You were just trying to be nice...that is too funny...I was serious though I am taking some of that Can't wait to tell the hubby how I stumbled acrossed it. :D
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    Outdoor Enclosure Inspiration

    Well they looked pretty nice and blended in with the landscape. Gave me a idea on how to put my tortoises away at night :D
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    Outdoor Enclosure Inspiration

    I love the fence. :) and I like the set up you have exp the houses you made what a great idea. Can you post some close ups of the boxes you built? I may have to steal that idea. lol Thanks, Teena
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    Turtletary care sheet

    Wanted to let everyone it has been a week since I got the new one and the first time I have used the turtletary care sheet. I have seen a difference. By a difference I mean that this little one has been so much more active and not hiding also the watery eyes have been so much better then when I...
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    Newbie - lighting suggestions

    Thanks for the info. Don't know why that surprised me . I am sure you are you are right for I have seen this myself. I do know that there was a excellent Pet Care manager at Pet smart where we lived she actually had redfoots and would tell the people pretty much what is on the forum except she...
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    Newbie - lighting suggestions

    Petco sells wild caught Tortoise's? I never knew that. Is that all their tortoise's or just the Russians? Nice to know though :)
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    What is the Largest Species of Tortoise?

    Tom I always like looking for and reading your post they really make a person :D
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    What the hell mosey?

    That sounds like a very bad :( but if it makes you feel better, my Buddha seems to flip himself over quite a bite. sometimes I wonder how did he manage So I just check on him a lot so don't feel to bad. Tomorrow will be a better day :D
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    Welcome. Your tortoise is soooo CUTE :)