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    is this shell rot?

    from all the comment i assume he is quite ok then thank you for all the reply it is really reassuring another double check question is that in the marked area it is abit soft. i have come to understand that the growth mark is around each scutes. but these white spot (especially the biggest one...
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    is this shell rot?

    he is about 2 years old now and he have develop if what you see a white spot on his scutes. he have had this for quite some some now. i’ve taken him to the doctor to treat for shell rot and have been given antibiotic / fungal medication (tablet) and he have not been any better . some white spot...
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    Update on my little Sully

    I have him for about 6 months already. I'm not sure what is his age when he arrived. Here I'll post a picture of him when he first arrive and him now! I was wondering if his growth is usual or he is growing a tad bit slow. His substrate are a mixture of soil, sand, and coco coir about 2" high...
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    urates in tortoise

    before i was using corn cob as a substrate , maybe he ingest some of it. now i change it to a soil x sand x coco coir. his temperature is ideal and humidity in thailand is quite high. for the bulb i’ve been using both uva and uva bulb. here is his/her new enclosure for now.
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    urates in tortoise

    is this too much urate for my sulcata i soak him daily and most of the time he tend to just pee with no urate i havnt seen him excrete urate for at least a month or so now and this time its so much! most of his diet are 80% mazuri and sometimes i give him hibiscus , cactus and rarely some veggie
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    about sulcata’s shell

    i want to know if the dent is normal on young sulcata from what i asked the seller, he said that its just his back bone and it will be normal when it grew older i’m just curious. i’ve had him for about 5 months now and is really health.