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    Breeding Sulcata for In laws

    Hey, I completely agree with Tom, however I have a slightly different solution. Like Tom mentioned, sulcatas are unethical to keep in the vast majority of circumstances unless you can provide them /at least/ (preferably more than) half an acre of land as well as cater to their specific diet...
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    Help with winter night heating

    I’d suggest a radiant heat panel to increase the ambient temperature in the enclosure, just make sure you have a thermostat to regulate it. Heat mats will not increase your ambient temperatures, so I would not buy more of them.
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    Cold weather enclosure help

    You’ve got a really cool setup going on there, I love the way you’ve planted it. To answer both your questions: 1. Unfortunately, as far as I know, led grow lights do not emit a significant amount of UV rays. You’d need to purchase an actual liner UV bulb. You’ll need a T5 bulb and T5 fixture...
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    Still wondering if anybody has any EVIDENCE that Aldabras are solitary animals

    Hey, @lazybfarm , I understand your frustration with having your current husbandry challenged, it's not a fun feeling, but there is a lot of unnecessary defensiveness and aggression coming from your behalf that is preventing a constructive dialogue from happening here. No one is trying to vilify...
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    New To The Community (but not keeping!)

    Sorry, should have specified: actual research! As in, research papers and data from wild populations of testudo horsfieldii (as well as other tortoise species but horsfieldii are the species I am most knowledgeable about). I’m a firm believer in the naturalistic keeping of non domesticated...
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    New To The Community (but not keeping!)

    Thank you! I'm a New Yorker born and raised which is why it is listed as my location, but I suppose I should change that. I'm going to college in Massachusetts (I'm lucky enough to have someone who can do daily maintenance for me while I am away, and I go home each weekend to do weekly weighs...
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    Drop One, Add One

    Straight shot
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    New To The Community (but not keeping!)

    Hello Everyone, I saw the introductions section of the forum and figured I should pop in here and introduce myself and my tortoise. My name’s Leni and I have been keeping reptiles for about 9 years. My journey into tortoise keeping began in 2020 when I took in a ≈20 year old male Horsfield’s...
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    New owner to a Russian Tortoise.

    So glad you rescued them, and yup, definitely a Russian tortoise (testudo horsfieldii)! As others have mentioned, definitely check out the care guide Tom linked in this thread. The enclosure you currently have the tortoise in looks like it's way too small. Wishing you the best of luck! -Leni