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    White Urine powder

    Urates are not passed with every urination.. it can be long periods between it.. as long as you are supplimenting their diet with calcium/vitd3 powders etc.. you'll be fine. Urates appearing too often can be a sign of over-supplimenting... and not occuring at all, could be...
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    11 Green Tree Python Eggs , due to hatch in 7 days!

    7 days left for these eggs... They are Green Tree Pythons , with potential for Red coloration. All signs point to all 11 eggs being viable.. very exciting i'll be sure to post some pics when they start popping out! 11 eggs is a very large clutch even for large females to handle.. This...
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    Nefti the Oiled Tortoise - BEFORE and AFTER

    what kind of tort is this guy?
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    Freddy... R.i.P ... ughh.. my tortoise for a short time, but a friend for life.

    Its with heavy sadness.. after not posting here for weeks now im forced to make this post.. to let the great people here know.. that after all we tried.. we were unable to bring Freddy's health into check. We got him 4 or 5 months ago... and immediately knew he was not well.. after eye...
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    Mega-Ray 100W MV bulb for my Sulcata ;)

    Yea , all in all he is improving.. but he's still one sick tort. very little activity and his appetite is very limited.. We have a cold spell right now, cant get him outside n' it seems the only time he has interest in eating is when he's out there. Hoping the warm weather comes back...
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    Mega-Ray 100W MV bulb for my Sulcata ;)

    Well, its been 4 weeks since I removed the Bad Repti-Glo 10.0 bulb and put in a ReptiSUN 5.0 bulb in its place. His eyes have healed up, but he's still soooooooo lethargic He had worms, 2nd dose of worm medication is being done today. So thats taken care of Because I know the 5.0 bulb...
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    Weed ID's few photos...

    Hey, just wondering what these weeds are , if anyone knows.. and if they are ok to feed to my sulcata ;) Plant 1 plant 2 Plant 3 Plant 4 Plant 5 Plant 6 Any helps greatly appreciated!
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    force feeding young sulcata.. yes/no??

    Hey... My tortoise has recently been treated for a roundworm infection due back in 2 weeks for a 2nd set of medication..( panacure) However, its now been 9 days since he last ate anything substantial (4 days ago he chewed on maybe 4 mouthfulls of grass and dandilion) I fear that 2...
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    my 4" sulcata just pooped a 6" thin worm! UGH!!

    Well, Fecal tests came back negative for presents of eggs from the worms and there were no worms present in his stools till the other day , same day we returned to the vet and he was medicated. I dont fault the vet for it really, Just to report this morning he passed 3 more worms...
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    my 4" sulcata just pooped a 6" thin worm! UGH!!

    Yup round worm indeed Panacur is indeed what was given Oraly.. they had a hard time gettin him to open his mouth but they got it done poor little guy has been through alot and yes a follow up in 2 weeks for another dose of the medication. April 30th is next visit. I sure...
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    my sulcata, what does this mean..

    I will likely have to be changing his enclosure out yet again as today he pooped out a long thin white worm.. check the general tortoise forum for my post about this.. im guessing i have to swap out and wash down all his enclosure now.. sigh give me a change to revamp things though
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    my 4" sulcata just pooped a 6" thin worm! UGH!!

    OK! you all know for weeks now ive been up and down with this little guy trying everything i can imagine to get him healthy Vet trips and fecal exams came back all negative 3 weeks ago.. TODAY! he pooped out a HUGE long thin white worm ( like spaghetti noodle ) He's got WORMS! UGH...
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    my sulcata, what does this mean..

    Hey Everyone I've been monitoring my young sulcata since the whole BAD UV light situation... And he's still very lethargic and keeps his eyes close most of the day.. he stopped eating about a week ago... Then.. in the last 2 days we've had really nice weather so I've made him a small...
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    Eye prob....pls help!

    If you just got the wee guy on Wed. Id think its likely still adjusting to its environment was it Shipped to you? or did you pick it up from its previous owner? shipping stresses the animal a bit more in the end and could make it take some extra time to "come out of its shell" so to speak.
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    bad UVB light possible cause of Freddy's Issues! Thanks Tortania!!!

    he was weak and lethargic when we first got him, has some decent pyramiding going on.. was not kept by a knowledgable reptile keeper.. so from the get go it was a battle to correct whatever was wrong.. up and down like a rollercoaster. I hate acting like ive given up.. but i feel so...
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    bad UVB light possible cause of Freddy's Issues! Thanks Tortania!!!

    Well, Its with sad news that I have to report that my poor freddy has yet again taken a turn for the worse.. after introducing his new UV light to his enclosure, and with eyedrops his eyes cleared up and became healthy looking.. his activity level went up considerably for 2 - 3 days...
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    FreddyCam hits 5000 Views Last night!

    Wow FreddyCam is one popular site! Last night we got the 5000th Viewer in under a month! now thats one star struck tortoise I think ;) hahaah FreddyCam 24/7 Sulcata Action ( or non action ) hehe obviously people have been spreading the word haha
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    Names ?

    My young Sulcata's name FredRick was chosen by my fiance.. as he was a birthday present for her. The spelled FredRick (rather then Frederick ) is more of a joke and to be different. Freddy is what we end up callin him now anyways ;)
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    bad UVB light possible cause of Freddy's Issues! Thanks Tortania!!!

    Another update A few days ago i started giving Fredrick codliver oil drops in his eyes once a day... as they were now healing with alot of dry skin and getting stuck... I cleaned out his enclosure, got the new UVB light working with a custom made ballast. and for the last 2 or 3 days...
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    Help ID these weeds please

    No images show up you have the "Mypicsdidntworkonthetortoiseforum" weeds growing right now it would appear