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    Maturity in Galapagos tortoise

    Appreciate all your comments with hopefully more to follow. I am amazed to learn that the maturity in giant tortoises is not as clear cut as has invariably been taught. It is how research and science can advance our critical knowledge of these endangered tortoise species, their position and...
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    Galapagos Tortoises

    Thanks for sharing your expert knowledge and wide experience with the Galapagos tortoises in your wonderful Floridean facility. If ever there are opportunities for breeding sound from Galapagos tortoises of known origins your facility is base. It would be nice if some of the Townsend tortoises...
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    Maturity in Galapagos tortoise

    Sexual maturity for male and females in wild Galapagos tortoises is reached at between 20 to 25 years of age. Would captive and husbandry conditions change the age at first succesful reproduction for male and female tortoises?
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    Our new baby Galapagos tortoises

    If he is proven it would be important to get him into a breeding situation with Cerro Azul tortoise Chelonoidis vicina. Chances they will let him go on breeding loan?
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    New sponsor for Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    I would think that the admin Galapagos Tortoise Alliance will get back to us with a new post.
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    New sponsor for Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    I know probably a private message is in order?
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    Our vacation and the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    What I have gathered that recently amongst others some Chelonoidis porteri and Chelonoidis microphyes have been shared more widely with the private breeder community through transfers and loans. I am not sure if that is a change of policy from before within AZA or how individual zoos from...
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    New sponsor for Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    An exciting project. When do you expect to have the first definite results that would qualify papers to be published on your research?
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    Galapagos Tortoise Alliance

    The older male Chelonoidis vicina is still present, but the second captive-bred male from San Diego Zoo seems to no longer be there. Previously Lowry Park also kept a female Chelonoidis porteri hatched at San Diego Zoo. She was transferred not long age to Miami Metro on B/L.
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    Our Grandkids help with our Galapagos

    I agree there is a fine line between keeping safe and conservation education to saving the species. Looking forward to another update woon. With few purebred bloodlines of the various species about it is important to try and create as many breeding colonies of correct species into their correct...
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    Our new baby Galapagos tortoises

    How old is he / she? There are actually few Chelonoidis vicina left ex situ in US. Phoenix Zoo just had their first breeding success with them since a long time. So, it is important that the few representatives of the species C. vicina are assembled in assurance colonies for breeding.