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    Caramel albino redfoot

    I am the person that produced it originally. A complete fluke, there was no effort involved. Just luck. The same group of 3.9 produced for me this last year an azanthic who would have guessed? I have no knowledge of who dad or mom are as there are in fact 3.9 in the same group for over 18 years...
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    Star tortoises: indoors or outdoors?

    SriLankans do great down here in South Florida. That has sadly not been my expierence with Indians. I would be more than happy to talk to you about this as a breeder of these animals for the last 13 years. Douglas beard / Flora & Fauna 786-320-4730 cell
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    Who Wants A Burmese Star?

    Do you not find it strange that a breeder would drop the price by over half? I have been breeding SriLankan Stars for over 12 years now and have never had to do such a thing. I will be producing Burmese in probably the next year or two as I have been growing up babies for the last 7 years and...
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    Will they cannabilize their own eggs?

    I have seen many tortoise species eat their own eggs, usually broken ones. I have seen and or know of multiple keepers that have seen tortoise / turtles eat their own hatched babies. Not a happy thought, but it is the way that it is!
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    indian vs sri lankan breeding

    Also after 17 years of being self employed full time doing the animal thing I had to go back to work for someone else. I am running a 5 location 60 acre nursery. Different than why I moved to FL in 1988, but that does not matter. Still playing with plants and animals all day. LOL
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    Looking for a 1-2 month old Cherry Head

    I have hatchlings every week now. Douglas 786-320-4730 cell
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    Putting Plants in Tortoise Enclosure.

    It all depends on where you live? That would help me give you better info. Inside or outside? Year round or not?
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    MY NEW Sri Lankan !!!

    I recognize the markings, when you are ready for more just let me or Janie know. Very nice animal. LOL
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    indian vs sri lankan breeding

    I hate typing and it and it is not my strong suit, if you really want to know call me. Douglas Beard / Flora & Fauna 786-320-4730 cell
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    hey debating time folks

    Yeah, worst than a bad idea! A train wreck waiting to happen!
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    hey debating time folks

    All beardeds carry it, and shed it when stressed. Not fun or easy to deal with. Been there done that, what was your point?
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    Breeding questions

    I have had clutches of anywhere from 2 to 10 eggs. I have also had a female lay as many as 3 clutches of eggs per year. Best wishes.
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    How high?

    Two blocks has almost always worked for me, though I have had to go a bit higher for yellow foots and my Bolivian's as they are so big!
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    hey debating time folks

    Don't even need to see the video, horrible idea! Coccidia, my favorite! And yes, that was meant to be "snarky".
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    Guess my Gender!

    Girl for sure! I would bet a really nice dinner on it! Males at that size are almost always way more developed than that. Longer tail and a larger spur on the tip of the tail. Best wishes and congrats on your girl, she is very pretty. Douglas[hr] Females also grow faster than males and are...
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    Star Male/Female?

    I would give you a 97%+ chance of it being a female. I have raised more than a few.
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    Help Id Male or Female

    I have not been here in a while, I would say that you have all females. I have seen a tortoise "develope" into a male at those sizes over the course of a summer. But they all look like girls to me. Not that is a bad thing. The first group of babies that we got turned out to be 8.2 out of 10...
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    wanted redfoots and star tortoises

    Got pleanty, rehoming fee applies. Call if interested. Douglas 786-320-4730 cell
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    Any adult tortoises and incubators

    Call me, Douglas 786-320-4730 cell.
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    I have some yearling redfoots in South FL that I am more than happy to ship. Or I can have you meet my driver possibly when we deliver plants to the Orlando area. Douglas 786-320-4730 cell