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    What to feed my Russian and where to get some stuff...

    Okay so I got Boris a few weeks ago. So far I have fed him butternut squash, carrotts, spring mix lettuce mix, green leaf lettuce, bib lettuce and raddichio. I try and mix it up a bit. He doesn't touch his timothy hay...or the tortoise pellets the store sold me. Anyone else have this issue? Also...
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    Any idea what this white stuff is?

    Is this urates? It looked like white out mixed with clear raw egg white...completely liquid....
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    New Russian Tortoise Owner

    I have a mini dachshund as well! His name is Bruno he's 6 =).
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    New Russian Tortoise Owner

    My name is Leslie...I am from Massachusetts! Wow I wasn't thinking he could be that old! Is there a way to tell for sure their age? How cool!
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    Is this what urates looks like?

    Woke up to find this in Boris's tank when I turned on the light. This is the spot he had been sleeping. Is this what urates looks like? I haven't found a photo online that looks like this to compare it to. My vet is closed today but I did email him a photo for tomorrow for him to look at...
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    New Russian Tortoise Owner

    I am a new Russian tortoise owner...he is appropriately named Boris. He's cute and friendly...probably about 4 1/2" inches or so. I'd say about a year old because I got him at Petco and I've heard that they capture from the wild??? So I don't think he's a baby. Anyways, he likes to eat and dig...