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    Symptoms of Protozoa?

    Hpe all goes well, Good Luck :)
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    Symptoms of Protozoa?

    Hi, it was me who mentioned the possibility of protazoa. When mine had it i had just aquired him he was very under weight had smelly poos that were quite runny and wasnt hardly eating anything. I tried him on komodo pellets and he would eat a few of them but would pass them out again undigested...
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    Back to Not Eating

    Yes its a small parasite type thing, can make the torts very poorly. You can treat them for it as routine like you would for worms :)
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    Back to Not Eating

    Hi, Just been reading through your thread and wonderd if your tort has been treated for protazoa. My tortoise stopped eating and i treated him for protazoa and he improved almost straight away :) Hope he is soon better
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    Help please... pimple size growths on neck & shoulders

    They look very much like ticks to me, not sure of the treatment to get them off :tort:
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    Lower Respiratory Infection?

    Hi, My tortoise did something similar to this when she was shedding skin on here neck, i think she sometimes used to just catch the dead skin that was hanging and this took her by surprise or perhaps hurt her a bit. Anyway she used to make a short of hiss squeak noise and pull her head in her...
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    Coil bulbs????

    I am using a Komodo coil bulb and it is fixed horizontally, iv been using it for 3 months now without any problems.:)
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    My hermmans tortoise went just like yours, he had been out while the weather was warm and then stopped eating much, perhaps a leaf a day as you said your is. Then he stopped eating altogether and i noticed he was making a clicking noise when he was breathing, this got worse after a couple of...
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    Ocotber 6th birthday

    Thanks everyone i had a great day ;)
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    my Russians

    What a lovely enclosure and torts look really happy and healthy :)
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    Tortoise Sitter!!

    Hi Maggie and everyone, i have sent PM to Kymii with an offer
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    Tortoise Sitter!!

    Hi Kymii, i just been reading your post, just a word of warning i recently bought my little horsfield from LnD Exotics and although he seems healthy enough there was a dead one in the vivarium. Put me off a bit , but i went ahead and bought one from there anyway, so fare so good. Jen