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    How’s this enclosure for my new western hermanns hatchling?

    My WH is a little over 1yr old. Sand is viewed differently even among experienced keepers on this forum. Chris at GST uses a little of it in his substrate, so I do, too. This is mixed with cypress mulch, mini pine bark, and coco coir. It's very important to feed them on a slate or dish, never...
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    How’s this enclosure for my new western hermanns hatchling?

    Congrats. My girl is a WH from GST, as well. They need to be in a closed chamber. The humidity should be around 80% 24/7. Daytime temps 80-85, nighttime mid-high 70's. Would scour these and make necessary changes in substrate, heat etc. Also will need some kind of UVB, sunlight or artificial...
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    New to TortoiseForum.

    Hi Caleb, The following resources from GST answer most of your questions: Take care, Astrid
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    Kapidolo gel kit - it's a hit!

    I've been having trouble getting Tillie to eat ZooMed Grassland, as she seems to prefer the PM layer crumbles. I recently made the Kapidolo gel kit using the soaked Grassland with rose petals c/s as the soaker and moringa as the other component (she seems to readily eat moringa and rose...
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    Experience keeping single T. kleinmanni?

    Great, thank you, I appreciate your sharing your experience!
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    Experience keeping single T. kleinmanni?

    Hi All, curious if anyone has experience with keeping a single T. kleinmanni. Did the tort still thrive by itself?
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    Does my 6 month old look ok

    Hello! Congrats on your baby! I have a 7mo old baby WH that arrived when she was 12weeks so has been part of the family about 4mo now. My girl is 43g and 5.84cm SCL. Good job on the varied, all-weed diet. That super-varied diet of lots of different kinds of weeds given over time is really...
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    Whoo hoo! Lookey here!!!

    Keeping all appendages crossed for you!! So exciting!!!!!! Hopeful way to start 2022, at least!!
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    Planning next closed chamber enclosure build! (Adult size)

    Very exciting! Congratulations! Can't wait to see it all set up.
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    Grocery store base diet

    Mountain Rose Herbs has a ton of dried plants, flowers etc... with many tortoise-safe options. I mix them with soaked mazuri and chopped greens. This GST video has some good tips, too...
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    Shell indent in baby Hermanns?

    Thanks for your reply! She's a Calabria gal. I think that she's beautiful, too, but I'm kinda biased. :)
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    Baby Marginated Not Doing Well

    Also- UVB. Does he have it in sufficient amounts based on tfo temperate tort care sheet?
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    Baby Marginated Not Doing Well

    Have you tried giving him a warm soak? The humidity is not consistently high enough for a baby. Needs to be at least 70% especially in humid hide. Does he have a humid hide on the warm side of the viv? Does he have a clean sunken water dish at all times? To me, it sounds like it could be a...
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    Shell indent in baby Hermanns?

    I'm probably worrying about nothing but would appreciate any reassurance. I just noticed that my 6mo old Western Hermanns girl looks to have some sort of an indent in her shell by the keyhole pattern? Photos attached. She's in an enclosed chamber vivarium with 80% humidity maintained, 85F...
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    Lycopus americanus

    I know, that place is a tortoise treasure trove, right?! So many good tort nummies!!
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    Lycopus americanus

    Thanks so much @RosemaryDW ! I really appreciate your taking the time to answer this and provide detail. I'll just throw away the bag that I got form Mountain Rose. I mistook it for the other Bugleweed, as I wasn't paying attention to the scientific name. Thanks again!
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    Lycopus americanus

    Hello, anyone know if Lycopus americanus is safe for my Western Hermann's? Many thanks.
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    I thought of them and their beautiful facility, too, Carol. I'm hoping that they will post something on the GST blog or a video in their newsletter so that we know if they are ok.
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    Burrowing vs. Humid Hide

    Thanks so much for the info on your baby's growth rate so far and for the tip about the Jackson Ratio. That's nifty!! I know what you mean about scales for all manner of family members. We have three large dogs, the biggest of which is 60 kilos, so I had to purchase an agricultural scale to...
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    Show off your WH from Garden State Tortoise!

    Thank you, @TaylorTortoise ! I'm using this for now and have the specs and design for her "big girl" enclosure that I will build when she's a bit bigger.