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  1. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Rose of Sharon (or other Hibiscus)?

    Thank you everybody for your comments! I think I will get a pot from Lowe's, keep it indoors over the winter, and maybe start feeding him the leaves and flowers when it gets warmer :) And thank you to everybody who offered to send me some! But I don't know how well dried leaves and flowers will...
  2. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Rose of Sharon (or other Hibiscus)?

    How long should I wait before giving him the flowers? I will probably buy one from the store, and it will probably have chemicals and such in them. And how often can I feed him them?
  3. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Rose of Sharon (or other Hibiscus)?

    I was thinking about getting some hibiscus flowers for my Russian tortoise, except I don't know if he will like them. I was wondering if anybody could ship some to me, just so that I can see if he likes them? I don't want to have to buy them, wait for a year for all the nasty stuff to go away...
  4. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Comment by 'paarthurnax.tortoise' in media 'Walk in the grass'

    Aww, that's adorable! She looks so much more friendly than my Russian haha.
  5. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Leo the Russian tortoise

    Welcome! Russian tort high-five! :D
  6. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Hibiscus for Russian torts?

    My local Lowe's sells Hibiscus moscheutos. Are they suitable for tortoises?
  7. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Hibiscus for Russian torts?

    It'll be hard for me to grow one since I live in an apartment...but I will look around for options. Thanks! :)
  8. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Hibiscus for Russian torts?

    I read somewhere a while ago that hibiscus flowers are good treats for Russian tortoises. Is that true? If so, where is a good place to get them? Do they like them dried as well?
  9. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Enrichment Ideas?

    I just let Paarthurnax out loose in my bedroom tonight for a little "walk"! He seemed to enjoy climbing over all the piles of clothes and books I have on the floor. Don't worry; I was keeping a constant eye on him to make sure he wouldn't eat anything that he's not supposed to :p I think I will...
  10. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Comment by 'paarthurnax.tortoise' in media 'The tortoise and the bunny'

    @Prairie Mom, this was actually the second time they met up! The bunny belongs to a friend of mine who hosts our local tortoise play dates. Paarthurnax is usually a grumpy butt, so when he let the bunny cuddle up to him, you can bet that we all had our phones out within seconds! :D
  11. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Enrichment Ideas?

    Hanging plants sound like a great idea! I will definitely be checking out Lowe's this weekend to see what they have :D
  12. The tortoise and the bunny

    The tortoise and the bunny

    Paarthurnax and one of his bunny buddies from tortoise play-date!
  13. Paarthurnax's Pictures!

    Paarthurnax's Pictures!

    Pictures of my Russian tortoise Paarthurnax :)
  14. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Enrichment Ideas?

    I tried plants, but he usually just knocks them over and uproots them. Sometimes he wears their desiccated husks (the pots) as a hat. Any ideas on keeping them firmly rooted?
  15. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Enrichment Ideas?

    I've been looking for habitat or toy ideas for enrichment. My tortoise is a very picky eater, so food enrichment really isn't an option since he usually turns most new things away... Does anybody have some good ideas? He does have a big basking rock, a half log hide, as well as a giant log...
  16. paarthurnax.tortoise

    Comment by 'paarthurnax.tortoise' in media 'Baby Tortoise Antics'

    Aww! These totally made my night :<3:
  17. paarthurnax.tortoise


    Hahaha, I'm actually in Korea for the summer :D My boyfriend is taking care of the kids (tortoise and lizard)
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    So I have a question about the UVB/UVA light that I have for my tortoise! It keeps blowing out super frequently :( I'm not in the country so I can't check what kind it is, but if somebody gives me the name I might be able to remember. I want to know what you guys are using for your tortoises'...
  19. paarthurnax.tortoise

    New plant!

    Got Paarthurnax a new plant today! I don't think it's going to last very long...