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  1. jeffjeff

    What breed are these?

    in the uk its quite common for people to deliberately give the wrong species. I believe its because russians/horsefields don't need any paper work to be sold, where as some of the others species do.
  2. jeffjeff

    Show us your Russian tortoises

    This is Oliver, a fairly new addition that was dumped on us. as his previous owner got bored with the 3 she had. she sold 2 and this one was left in a tiny box with a hamster water bottle, dry cat food and no lights or heat. he's a little over 4 inch long and weighed 140gram when we got him...
  3. jeffjeff

    Can any one I.D what left these tracks?

    still no idea what it is, but its been back late last night or very early this morning. its way to big to be a mink. I'd say its fox or otter sized. but otter have 5 toes and fox is way different. I'm thinking maybe its a big tom cat with flat feet lol.
  4. jeffjeff

    Can any one I.D what left these tracks?

    I'm still non the wiser. kept looking out all last night but never seen anything.
  5. jeffjeff

    Can any one I.D what left these tracks?

    no opossum here.
  6. jeffjeff

    Can any one I.D what left these tracks?

    luckily our cats don't go out and the tort is inside. so nothing it can harm, except a few rats that seem to avoid the traps. its welcome to them lol.
  7. jeffjeff

    Can any one I.D what left these tracks?

    That's the only thing that makes sense but the prints look different to what I've seen before and the pics on google look different. never known them in town before but see them occasionally on the out skirts of town so it wouldn't be too far for them to come in at night.
  8. jeffjeff

    Can any one I.D what left these tracks?

    Never knew that about skunks. I've not heard of any sighting in the uk. it has to be some thing that can climb. our garden is surrounded by a 6ft fence. I wondered about mink, as theres a pond a few hundred yards from our house. not sure if they get that big either
  9. jeffjeff

    Can any one I.D what left these tracks?

    I found these tracks in and around the compost heap and I have no idea what they are and I'm curios what made them. There's no dogs can get to the area and their to big to be a cat (I think). the blue disc is 3 1/2inch in diameter. I'm i the uk so we don't have racoons or things like that. thanks
  10. jeffjeff

    I think I just made a $50 mistake

    I always use coir and never had any real problems. The only time it got in her eyes was when she had flipped and was trying to right her self she got some in one eye i just rinsed it out with tepid water and she was fine.
  11. jeffjeff

    Show us ur smooth shell tortoise .

    Astrid she's about 14 months old
  12. jeffjeff

    Help with viv\table?

    Defiantly change the water bowl for a plant saucer. They are much better and safer.
  13. jeffjeff

    Is this claw/scale thing normal?

    thanks she is a star.
  14. jeffjeff

    Is this claw/scale thing normal?

    I noticed these scales/spurs on the back of her back feet and just wondered if they where normal. There is 2 on one foot and 3 on the other. thanks.
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    Hi, I'm a new user!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    hello... I'm a newbie!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    My First Post!

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm in the uk too. (Cumbria).
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    Pyramiding question

    I'm in the uk an managed to find some mazuri on ebay. the seller was/is a member on here. sorry I can remember her name. I was told nutrazu was the same stuff just under a different name for the eu market, whether its true or not I'm not sure but it might be worth looking for it under that name...
  19. jeffjeff

    Overheating and death

    so sorry for your loss. I hope the others pull through ok.