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  1. lynnedit

    Help please.. (Found a tortoise)

    @Jay82 , it’s quite possible that this tortoise belonged to the previous owners, though it is good to look around to see if anyone is advertising a lost tortoise. It’s also very possible that it hibernated outside over the winter (not advised in the UK due to the amount of rain ordinarily). It...
  2. lynnedit

    It has begun....outdoor enclosure build

    Wonderful thread. I love all of the preparation you did, including watching the drainage patterns in that area prior to building. It would be great to see a couple of overall pics of the growth in the outside tortoise area. How is the ‘pond’ working out?
  3. lynnedit

    Tortoise Health (Mainly eyes)

    A picture of the left eye and a side and top pic of your enclosure would really help. Looks like you’re soaking the tortoise- that’s great. The water dishes in stores like pet smart tend to be too small. I’d soak daily for a week then at least 2x per week. When you soak, drizzle some water over...
  4. lynnedit

    Rescued Female Ornata Box Turtle

    Definitely helpful! Might be worth pinning a thread like this, as it can give others ideas when they have a reluctant tortoise or turtle. (Diet modified for species, of course).
  5. lynnedit

    Tile (Bluetooth Missing Things Finder) for my Russian

    I did google as you suggested, and they use marine epoxy. They also use this when using gps unites to track box turtles, and a putty epoxy when attaching gps units to Western Pond Turtles. Plenty of ideas...
  6. lynnedit

    Tile (Bluetooth Missing Things Finder) for my Russian

    I’m a little late to this thread, but @tortoisenana , do you have a link to the glue that they use with sea turtles?
  7. lynnedit

    How Much Sex is too Much?

    @oneilmatt , if the male is just sitting on top, that is bullying and yes, possibly mating. If you are seeing this behavior ‘often’, then it is too much. Turtles and tortoises can hide illness, and the fact that they are stressed will not be obvious, but must be assumed given the situation. The...
  8. lynnedit

    Sun + Tortoise weeds= Happy tortoise

    I thought I’d share a pic of my Russian tortoise, Bump. I got her as a hatchling from @biochemnerd808 nearly 4 years ago. Here she is in her outside enclosure (she spends the night in the adjacent secure Greenhouse). She lives outside nearly year round. The weeds are from Tortoise Supply and...
  9. lynnedit

    unknown tortoise found in yard

    It sounds like he landed in a good place. I’m sure he/she appreciates the water!
  10. lynnedit

    Are these safe to feed?

    I’ve been using the seed mix for Med tortoises for several years. It’s a great mix and a relief not to have to stay on top of the uneaten grasses with this species. This mix also has about the widest variety. (I’ve used the Carolina Pet supply seeds, Shelled Warriors seeds...
  11. lynnedit

    Outdoor Enclosure Requirements in Southern Maine

    1) I think you could get away w/o a basking light. Not having one simply shortens the months that the tortoise can be outside full time, but there are some things you can do, to help, see below. 2) He would be fine with those temps. Having graveled areas, and perhaps even building the sides of...
  12. lynnedit

    Myrtle's new pen: journal (under construction!)

    I think wood barrier attached to the stakes should work well, with something like the pavers along the inside edge. Pavers set end to end all along the inside of my enclosure have worked well for several years. They use them as a walk way, but don't/can't burrow under. Having 2-3 hides set up on...
  13. lynnedit

    ugly turtle pond fence

    The fence is barely noticeable, I agree. Tell us more about your pond; size/gallons, filter? Just beautiful.
  14. lynnedit

    Photos of Our Outdoor Russian Tortoise Enclosure and Garden

    You can use plastic or terra cotta saucers. I have been able to drill into the Terra cotta saucers w/o any problem. I suppose a relatively new/sharp drill bit is helpful.
  15. lynnedit

    Waking up from brumation

    He is so regal! Lovely pictures.
  16. lynnedit

    Peter's thread

    Peter! Welcome back!
  17. lynnedit

    Sprucing up new outdoor enclosure

    And if you can't get leaves at this time of year, get some sphagnum moss and pile it into a couple of areas, lightly wet it down. They just like to burrow under stuff. I have some slightly arched branches that form sort of a small 'shelter' in one area of mine. I zip tied them together. I added...
  18. lynnedit

    Peter's thread

    Is Peter up yet? Looking forward to seeing the old man. ;)
  19. lynnedit

    Box Turtle will not eat

    Those round thermometers are often not accurate. See if you can get an infared temp gun. The first step is to get accurate temps; they may not be what you think they are. Screen...
  20. lynnedit

    Hi, new Horsefield tort owner

    I'm so very sorry to hear this. Everyone did all that they could for Albus. I hope that we see you here again on TFO sometime soon.