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  1. BigTomsMom

    My red foot tort been constipated for over a week, what is the solution?

    Feed him cucumber and if the soak doesn’t work try taking him for a car ride. Mine always seems to poo in the car
  2. BigTomsMom

    Food jag

    I found my 14 year old red foot eating a dead rat that my cat delivered to his enclosure. Unfortunately he had eaten most of it by the time i found him. In the following Days he has been very active and behaving as usual but he doesn’t really want to eat like he use to. He will eat banana and he...
  3. BigTomsMom

    Dry skin

    I have planted a few things over the past couple days. He has a pool that he can drink from and soak in if needed. I don’t have a picture right now but can take one later. Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. BigTomsMom

    Dry skin

    Were you able to see my photos and read my response about the lights?
  5. BigTomsMom

    Dry skin

    His house is off the ground w a wood bottom and Cypress mulch as substrate that he likes to bury himself in at night. The house has a window as well as a door that i open during the day. See photos posted above my response to zeropilot.
  6. BigTomsMom

    Dry skin

    No i only have a ceramic heat bulb in the house. It’s set on a thermostat to 85 degrees. He has free range of his fenced yard so i do not use a uv bulb
  7. BigTomsMom

    Dry skin

    My red foot always seems to have very dry skin, especially on his head. I soak him and make sure his Substrate is moist for humidity. Also, i live In south Louisiana where it is very humid. He lives outside year around. Any thoughts?
  8. BigTomsMom

    Giant torts in LA?

    Me too!
  9. BigTomsMom

    Tortoise was mid hibernation but now seems dead

    So sorry for your loss
  10. BigTomsMom

    kane Heat mat and cat poop problem

    When using the Kane heat mat do you guys place it on the enclosure’s floor and allow the tortoise to sit on top for heat? I also use a ceramic heat bulb but we have had some pretty cold nights and want to get the mat as extra heat source to put in his hide. Also, totally different subject but...
  11. BigTomsMom

    Ant problem in outdoor enclosure

    Thank you! Much appreciated
  12. BigTomsMom

    Ant problem in outdoor enclosure

    Wondering if anyone has a solution for ants. I don’t use spray or poison in my red foot enclosure but we do poison ants in our yard. It seems they all run to the red foot enclosure for safety bc they know they will be safe there. I guess my question is are ants harmful to tortoises? And what do...
  13. BigTomsMom

    Cat food for protein

    Try giving him earthworms or other caterpillars. My Redfoot adores earthworms
  14. BigTomsMom

    Watery eyes

    My red foots eyes stay watery w bubbles in the corners. He’s been eating well and staying active. I feel like he’s fine but i just worry. Any thoughts?
  15. BigTomsMom

    My Red Footed tortoise has watery eyes

    My 12 year old RF almost always has watery eyes. When he eats it seems to be worse but he’s healthy and happy
  16. BigTomsMom

    New enclosure, appetite decreased

    My 12 year old red foot that i got in November has been living inside his whole life. He ate like a beast, anything offered he would eat. Recently in the past month i have moved him outside and he is not interested in greens anymore, only fruit. I live in Louisiana where It is hot and humid. He...
  17. BigTomsMom

    Outdoor enclosure plants

    I live in Louisiana and want to plant things for my redfoot to eat and also hide in for shade. While that is my main purpose i also want things that will thrive in our heat and not need too much fussing over. Are fountain grasses ok? There are many different colors, I’ve seen purple and white...
  18. BigTomsMom

    Eye bubbles

    The thing is i know it’s not that appropriate. I got him 4 moths ago from some people who were not taking care of him. He was living in an aquarium that’s too small and they didn’t have the proper light on him. It keeps heat but i struggle w the humidity. I live in Louisiana and we just made him...
  19. BigTomsMom

    Update on my tort’s shell infection

    Wow! Great! Must feel relieved...
  20. BigTomsMom

    Eye bubbles

    I have noticed that when my redfoot Eats he gets watery eyes with bubbles that form in the corners. No nose bubbles or leakage. I know their sinuses are all connected but just for peace of mind, does Anyone else's tortoise do this?