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  1. Twist

    Redfoot/Yellowfoot hybrid

    Your point is valid but the bottom line is always the money. I would never jeopardize the Health and well being of any animal chasing the dollars. However if am awesome looking Hybrid Tort was born and is healthy that would be very cool. If I did hatch some hybrids I would sell most and keep on...
  2. Twist

    Should we make a care book?

    In the beginning of this Tortoise addition LOL I found a lot of crap information. My Sulcata got the short end o f the knowledge stick. That is until I went of Face Book and chatted with the different folks that care for and raise these guy. You of coarse would have to do several book as the...
  3. Twist

    Redfoot/Yellowfoot hybrid

    Have you not heard of designer mix breed dogs. The maltipoo is one that is very sought after. I paid more for a true mini Poodle and Maltese mix that had I bought a pure bred of either breed. So long as the red and yellow cross breeding is safe and not a health risk. I say why not.
  4. Twist

    Can someone please take Odin? -Sulcata, 3 years old

    I hope you found Odin a good home. As for your Hero son. A Marine is an incredible American. Trust me when I say you have to let the hurt turn to pride. I lost my Grandfather in Korea My father in Vietnam and a very close Cousin in Afghanistan. I have the flag from my father displayed on a wall...
  5. Twist

    Mistakes made with Sulcata

    Hello every one. We I bought a baby Sulcata 2 year ago from a reptile show. I thought I had done my home work but I some what failed as I now know I did not provide the proper humidity. The habitat has been fixed. My question is. 1) Is it OK to keep the moss damp in one spot of her like I do my...
  6. Twist

    Hello I am Robert I have two Tortious. One is a 2 year old Female Sulcata and my new baby is a...

    Hello I am Robert I have two Tortious. One is a 2 year old Female Sulcata and my new baby is a Red Foot that is about 6 weeks old.